NADRA employees observe strike


Work at NADRA offices came to a standstill with employees observing a strike across regions for the second consecutive day on Tuesday for their long standing demand of regularisation, creating problems for parents who were desperate to get B-Forms of their children ahead of school admissions. Around five months ago, Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik had assured the employees that their services would be regularised but no concrete steps were taken in this regard. Work at NADRA Headquarters, Islamabad was continuing due to pressure from the top management.


  1. yesterday i saw this at passport office abbot road lahore. noone at the computers. but passport area was working.

  2. NADRA employees thek kar rahe hain.
    Job security bi zaroori hai. Itni important organization aur all employees on contact bases per hain. Top management lakho ki salary le rahi hai au D.Os 6000 per hire kiye jate hain

  3. Nadra staffs are 50% are involve in corruption , q k ye loog chahte hain k logon se pese batoren or agar pakre gae tu nikal na saken, koi b kam time table par nahi karte hain, ye Pakistani govt hai jo in jeson ko barti kia howa hai. ye kam kar rahe hain logon ko shinakt dene k lea, kisi or country me ese fazol logon ko koi office ka chaprasi b barti na kare educated illiterate. ye tak nahi dekte k koi senior citizen ka respect karna chaiye kisi pareshani me mobtila hai, agar govt apko regularise nahi karti hai tu ap apne skill bas par koi or job karo , muje pata hai k muft ki nokri ko kon chorega or jis me kharcha b nikalta ho, shame nadra staff

    • kisi pe tuhmat laganay say pehlay apnay gareban main jhankna chahey do you know anything about NADRA CNIC preparing procedure NADRA centers can only book applicants verification and preparation of ID Cards is done only at HQ. dobara is tarah kuch janay baghair kisi per tuhmat na lagana

      • tuhmat nahi yahi sach hai, rishwat k baghair ye haram khoor kaam nahi kartay, i face it, i don't agree to make them permanent, if they become permanent then they will do more corruption,

  4. نادرا کے ملازمین اپنے حق کے لیے اگر آواز اٹھائیں تو یہ تم لوگوں کو برے لگتے ہیں ۔ ۔ باہر سے باتیں کرنی بہت آسان کام ہے جب اپنے سر پر پڑتی ہے تو پھر پتہ چلتا ہے کہ کون کتنے پانی میں ہے۔ ۔ جس ملازم کو تم لوگ کرپٹ کہہ رہے ہو وہ صبح روزانہ اپنے ٹائم پر دفتر آتا ہے اور روزانہ ٹائم کے بعد ہی دفتر سے جاتا ہے صرف اس لیے کہ وہ تم لوگوں کو زیادہ سے زیادہ مدد کرسکے۔ ۔ اور کوئی ملازم کسی کی ویریفیکیشن نہیں کررہا ہوتا اور نہ ہی اس کے اختیار میں کسی کا کارڈ یا کوئی ب فارم وغیرہ بلاک کرنا ہے وہ بے چارہ تو صبح سے شام تک گدھے کی طرح کمپیوٹر پر بیٹھا اپنے کام میں مشغول رہتا ہے اگر یقین نہیں آتا تو چند ٹاپ ایریاز کے دفاتر کے علاوہ کسی تحصیل یاضلعی لیول کے دفتر میں جاؤ اور ایک دن صرف ان کے ساتھ گزارو پھر بتانا کہ جو کام تم لوگوں کو آسان لگتا ہے وہ کتنا آسان ہے اور اگر تم کو تجربہ کرنا ہو تو مجھ سے رابطہ کرلینا تم کو سارے بینیفٹس مراعات تنخواہ وغیرہ کی رسیدیں اور کسی دفتر میں ایک دن گزارنے کا موقع بھی فراہم کروں گا۔ ۔

  5. bhai ap ke ander kuch log buree bhi hen ur uwam jo ke emerjansi men nic lenee wallo ko mushkilat hen kum uz kum aik banda duty per rehna chaheyee

  6. What the hell are you talking, ???? Nadra employees are corroupt??? Nadra employees has prooved their effeciency not only in pakistan but outside the country as well. According to transperncy international NADRA is most efficient and transperent department. If NADRA staff was corroupt then, why it has been given a nobel cause, to disburse watan cards, and pakistan card, we have worke day and night without any allounce, we have worked in sundays also without any allounce, we are being transfered from one place to other by phone call and short notice without any TA/DA.
    NADRA staff is the only one in this country who perform heir duty more effectively. We established watan card sited by short notice of government, and we prooved that, we nadra employees has disburse such a huge ammount in 100% benificieries in short spane of time, and it is world record.
    shame on you who think we are corroupt.

  7. and if public is suffering, then it is not a fault of Staff, it is fault of government and NADRA top level management. Responsibilty goes on them, because nadra staff had given them time of 10 yrs to work on regularization process but they have prooved that they are not sincer to regularize NADRA STAFF. so that they can draw their salery in million of rupees from this authority. They have completed their services in army and they have enjoying all benifits of retired army officer, and beside that they are taking million of rupees from NADRA . But they are not agree to made a permanant job to data entry operator who is just taking 10000.


  9. Mje is bat ki smj nh ati k in strikes mn “AWAM BECHARI” ka kya ksor h,,,???nadra ho ya dctrz,,,jiska jo ji chata h wo krta h,,,
    Akhir kbbbbb tk,,,,,,,?????????:(;(:
    Plzzz govt take step to solve dis prblm for sake ov pepl,,,:(

  10. kbhi jab Nadra ya Contract ki mulazmat join karo gay or das saal tak ek hi salary pay bina allounces or sat-sunday ko bhe office aogay or ek din mai 18-19 ghantay k working hours dogay or chahay tmhay sailab zada ellako mai dengue k sath hi kam qu na karna parhay tou sab pata lag jyga . . .or jab biwi ki delvry k liye doctor jab 25hazar rupay mangay na!tou doc ko ye mat khaihna na k tumhari salary 10,000 hai warna phr bda masla hojyga. . . . . .uss waqt awam nhe daikhti kya. . . . . .

  11. Aj agar Nadra ka barra mukam hay to Empleeys ke waja say Nadra empleeys intihai Co Operate with peoples han Nadra Staff ki jitni b tareef ki jay kam hy Nadra may Highly Qualified and Very Efficient log han

  12. In nadra its emplyees r very hardworking espically DEO.They r working for the good name of nadra.But NADRA authority members are not giving their right and their full reward that,s why nadra employees want their full reward

  13. NADRA employees must be KILLED, sab haram khoor hain. aik to rishwat letay hain forms banay k or ooper se strick????? w.t.f

  14. salam.
    Dear no body know the reality behind it, what are the main reasons due to which higher ups are not especially parlimentarians are not interested to permenant. Nadra is generating a lot of revenue with their softwares and thier high fees of different necessity cards. A signal is enough for a wise man

  15. Dear mara name zahid ha mean Disst Rahim yar khan kee Tehsial khanpur mean 2010 ko st tha nadra waloon na huma 31 Augst 2013 ko terminate kar dia ha, har department mean shefarish chalti ha huma over age kar kar dia ha terminate kar dia ha .Ab esa koon sa qanoon ha jes mean 3 year work karna ka bad terminate kar dia jai my cell number 03422351364 ha bhoot zalam log han nadra ka officers

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