Some serious questions


Our country is presently facing a judicial crisis. Like me, millions of people are worried about the present situation and being a common people, they ask some legal questions in order to know the situation better. Hope some jurists would guide us.

If President Asif Ali Zardari enjoys full immunity under the prevailing constitution, why is he not being allowed to avail it? All the heads of states throughout the world enjoy full immunity, how come Pakistan has exception?

There is no mandatory requirement in the constitution to go to the Supreme Court to avail such immunity. Why is such an impression being created here? In USA and other countries, apex judges are not allowed to watch TV programmes but here our judges are not only watching the TV programmes regularly but are also frequently referring to such programmes during their court proceedings. Why? In some cases, the apex court judges have reportedly acted on the presumption being made by TV anchors that later proved having no footings. Why?