RIM once again refuses to share Memogate data


The Blackberry manufacturing company Research in Motion (RIM) has once again refused to comply with the Pakistan government’s request to provide details of the communication that took between American-Pakistani businessman Mansoor Ijaz and former Pakistan ambassador to US Husain Haqqani, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday.
The reply was received by the government of Pakistan and was subsequently communicated to the memo commission.


  1. Mr. CJ – Order to ban BlackBerry, if at all in the premises of supreme court. OR at least form a new commission to explore the reasons behind their “”ill motive”” !!!!!!!!! In my opinion it may be Babar Awan conspiring against your authority…………….

  2. I dont know why they are bothering with RIM to get that info. The Pak Govt. needs to get in touch with #Anonymous to see whether they can enter RIM databases and access those chat sessions. Anything's possible if you expect it!

  3. its Not all that .. if one can get data excess of RIM and Haqqani BB PIN and all that stuff. then one find out whether he is doing BB messagin to someone in Pakistan at the same time while sending Messages to Mansoor IJaz, thats the key and that can establish who is behind in Pakistan. Of course RIM dont want to expose them as instructed by USA and that is why they are refusing to give such info .

    now stop posting posting un-intelligent comments :)))

  4. Actually there is no data available on RIM's servers as is evident from this page from the BlackBerry forum : http://bit.ly/zVUPS0. Mansoor Ijaz admitted as much to NDTV when they interviewed him on 21st January. See for yourself by reading the transcript here: http://bit.ly/wlCa1I. The whole affair was a frame up job by the army to malign the civilians. Unfortunately they did not do their homework and once again fell flat on their faces. Shows just how incompetent Kayani, Pasha et al really are!

  5. They need approval from either Mazoor Ijaz or Haqqani to disclose such information. All the government needs to do is to send a written request signed by either one of them and if either one of them refuses then its quite clear as to who is guilty.

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