Meera robbed of Rs 2m worth engagement gift


Film actor Meera was robbed of a wrist-watch worth two million rupees which she had purchased as an engagement gift for her fiancé Naveed Shahzad. The actor stated the watch had been stolen from her house in Lahore. Meera wanted to give Shahzad the watch on their engagement. They will get married by the end of this year. The police speculated the theft was an “inside job”. Meera recently announced her retirement from the Pakistani film industry, after her parents on Sunday accepted the proposal of airline captain, Naveed Shehzad. Meera said that she wants to work a new reputation for herself by working with productions outside the Lollywood circle. She also returned Rs 50 lacs worth of advance she had received from producers she was supposed to work with. According to Meera, she does not want to be associated with Lollywood anymore and now will work with different production houses other than Lollywood. Meera also says that Reema Khan and Veena Malik have copied her as Reema Khan started production after Meera did whereas Veena Malik went to Bollywood following her example. Meera will soon be seen in upcoming Bollywood film ‘5 Ghantey mein 5 Crore’.


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