Cost of 20th amendment


The Senate has passed the 20th amendment bill after the government distributed Rs 360 million among 60 Senators as goodwill gesture for their support. This report shows that the money was distributed in the name of development funds but there appears to be no strings attached to this hefty amount. Would this money be deposited in the personal bank accounts of the Senators to be spent at their whims or would it be spent under some overseeing arrangements? It has not been clarified for the people.

On the outset, it smacks to be a case of law of necessity which ought to be taken notice of by the Supreme Court which has buried the so-called law of necessity forever. The broad smiles of PPP and PML(N), as also of PML(Q) legislators, display a joyous feeling of “muk muka” which may not be to the benefit of people at large who are aghast at this open show of frivolous expenditure of state money at the hands of public representatives.