Arrest them if found in capital: Malik


Interior Minister Rehman Malik has directed authorities to arrest and initiate cases against Defence of Pakistan Council leaders Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Ahmad Ludhianvi and Khadim Hussain Dhiloon in case they violated the ban on their entry in Islamabad. The Interior Ministry sources said Malik gave the instructions to the Islamabad Inspector General Police. They said in the light of the direction, all police stations and officials deployed at the entry and exit pickets had been conveyed the orders and photographs of the three leaders were also being displayed.


  1. This current government comprising of various opportunists is claiming freedom for the expression of political veiws freely,and why they are afraid of this public gathering which is suposed to be conducted peacefully.why there is difirence in government policies.If Bey Taj Prince of England Altaf Hussain is allwed to hold public gathering by telephonic address in the country.they have the courage to listen these public opions too with open mind.

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