Reliving the Prophet’s (PBUH) time


Renowned publishing house, Daraulsalam, organised a book and an Islamic history exhibition by the name of ‘Faham-e-Seerat’ (Understanding the Prophet’s life) in which models of Madina, Masid-e-Nabvi and the battle area of Badr were displayed and briefings were given to the participants on Saturday.
The exhibition, inaugurated on February 13, was originally planned for three days but was extended by two more days on public demand.
It was organised by Daraulsalam at their premises on Lower Mall near the Punjab Secretariat. Many people, especially students, attended the exhibition and displayed avid interest in the models that were flown in from Saudi Arabia.
Books, explaining the biography and way of life of Holy Prophet (PBUH), were also launched. The staff members of Darulsalam helped the visitors in visiting different parts of the exhibition.
Three scholars were attached with the historic models which explained the geographical details of Madina, Masjid-e-Nabvi and the battle ground of Badr. The scholars’ with a laser light in hand explained the demographical details of that time and also described incidents like the first three battles.
People arriving at the exhibition especially students showed great interest in the model. “Gaining information about Islam and major incidents in the Islamic history with the original model in front of you is a completely different experience,” said Sibtain, a student, adding “it is like watching things happen right in front of you.”
“This is the best way to explain the history to the children,” a teacher who was also visiting the exhibition said, adding “the children are very interested and if we can replicate these models in schools our lessons will become more interesting.”
“This is the second time I have brought my son here. He remembers everything he heard from the narrator and he likes the models very much,” another man, Asmat, said.
The models were made by a Syrian professor who works at the Medina University. The models are made by mud and wood which gave a reflective view of history. The models were brought from SA to Pakistan by the collaboration of Darulsalam and the Madina University. The models turned the history into a real life for the visitors.


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