Participants feel the heat on SiMun’s second day


A variety of students from in and out of Lahore are gathered at SICAS on their quest to reach a compromised conclusion for the betterment of the human race.
The second day of the SICAS Model United Nations competition, or SiMUN as it is more commonly known, commenced at 9AM on February 17. After the fun and excitement of the opening ceremony and Talent Night on Friday, it was time for the delegates to get to more serious matters.
As the committee session began, the delegates rushed off into their respective committee rooms where they were given a chance to put forth their individual perspectives as well as their team arguments. The young students proved to be able diplomats, forming partnerships with each other and using them as provisions on the path to their goals. The committee session is set to continue tomorrow and the results of the competition will be announced on the closing ceremony that will be held today (Sunday).
Besides intellectually musing about the world affairs, the delegates also busied themselves in active contributions to the society. The Social Responsibility Department of SiMUN had arranged for the children from the Rising Sun Foundation to be invited to the school for an afternoon of fun and enjoyment. The children, their hands held by the delegates, grooved on to different melodies. They made use of the paints available, indulging in the colourful experience of face painting and wall graffiti. It was a heartfelt experience to witness the delegates and host team shedding their somber faces just to see the shy smiles and content eyes of the children. SICAS Principal Shehryar Salamat personally came to meet the children and presented all of them with goody bags.
The day closed with much felicity in the air after an awe-inspiring concert by the famous artist Quratulain Balouch (QB), and the band Entity Pardigm (EP). The crowd, which was composed of not merely the delegates and host team but an eclectic group of people of all ages, danced to the beat as the musicians “set fire” to the stage.
Today is the final day of SiMUN, and will include a formal dinner, especially arranged for the delegates. It is expected that the 2nd annual SiMUN would turn out to be as informative and as relishing as the host team is endeavoring it to be.