MJ’s estate suing former manager for conning popstar


Michael Jackson’s estate is suing the popstar’s former manager for ripping the singer off millions of dollars. Legal documents filed by the Estate, show that Dr. Tohme Tohme got the late King of Pop to sign agreements that earned him a fortune for doing nothing. According to the papers, Estate attorney Howard Weitzman claims Tohme got MJ to agree to pay him 35,000-dollar a month plus expenses as a flat fee regardless of what work Tohme performed, TMC.com reported. On top of that, Tohme inked a deal that gave him 15 percent of any money Jackson made. Tohme also introduced the pop legend to a lender that refinanced Neverland.
In return, Tohme got Jackson to pay him 2.4 million dollars just for the introduction, and got the singer to promise him 10 percent of any profits if the Ranch was sold. Tohme also got the singer to agree to pay him 100,000 dollars a month for the ‘This Is It’ tour. Estate lawyers are anticipating a lawsuit by Tohme against the estate for the money he claims he has owed, and wants to shut him down before a suit is filed. The Estate is also asking for damages. Tohme was fired by Jackson just three months before his tragic death in June, 2009.