JI calls for solving Balochistan problem


Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the US and India were out to repeat the game of East Pakistan in Balochistan but the rulers in Islamabad had made no serious effort to solve the problems of the province.
The government had announces several packages for Balochistan but these were not implemented, he added, while addressing a big rally at Charsada on Sunday.
The US was openly interfering in Balochistan with evil motives and it was time that the Pakistan government foiled the US plot by solving its problems. Pakistan should distance itself from the US war and ties with Washington should be reviewed.
While expressing complete solidarity with the Balochistan people, the JI Ameer strongly condemned the US conspiracies in Balochistan and its efforts to mislead the Baloch people. He deplored that incompetent rulers had made abductions and gunny bagged dead bodies, the fate of Balochsitan.
He said that the PPP and its allies had completely failed in all parts of the country and had plunged the nation and the country into series of crises.
He said further that the echelons of power were filled with usurpers and corruption was the order of the day. The ANP had swallowed the Pakistan Railways and thus written a tale of corruption. During the last four years, the rulers had plundered more than 8.5 trillion of the general public.
He said in Sindh, the PPP could have formed its government but it had strengthened the extortionists and target killers by taking them its allies.
He called upon the government to announce immediate elections with an interim government that was acceptable to all the parties.
He also asked the masses to be careful in exercise of their vote next time and not vote for those who had thrown them into price hike, load shedding, unemployment and lawlessness.
Speaking on the occasion, former JI Ameer, Qazi Husain Ahmed said that Balochsitan was being pushed to separation and the US was supporting the move. He said it was unfortunate that the decision of this nation were being taken by our enemy. He urged the people o vote for the JI for bringing injustice to end.
The JI Naib Ameer Sirajul Haq, in his address, said that the PPP, the PML(N) and the military rulers had thrown the nation into mess and the country needed a real change.


  1. Enough yaar…how many times you are going to Bash India and America for home grown weeds…I doubt if the worst is going to happen, in future you are going to hatch conspiracy theories on US, Israel and India…But we Indians really dont have that much time and interest to create problems in neighbour's family…we are already occupied by our endless vows…

  2. Unfortunately, India is preoccupied with India. India slept while Pak made plans to invade Indian Kashmir in 1948 and then accepted the ceasefire line. Over the years, it has done nothing to stop Pak from obtaining missiles and nuclear weapons from China. It did nothing while wave after wave of Paki terrorism killed innocent everyday citizens since 1989. Remember Mumbai 26/11? Yes, India can rouse itself to "defend" itself when pushed (see Kargil) but being proactive and strategic in safeguarding its neighborhood to ensure peaceful relations and its predominance in South Asia is NOT something of which it is capable culturally as yet. Without a doubt, Balochis would love India to help it become a free nation particularly since 90% of Balochis wanted to join India, NOT Pakistan, in 1947. Over the decades, India has just watched while Punjabis have butchered and terrorized Balochis and frankly Balochis have lost all hope of help from India. India has no will or vision to truncate Pakistan despite having sympathy for Baluchi freedom from tyranny. Pakistan is its own worst enemy; no real or imagined enemy of Pakistan need do anything other than watch its slow-motion disintegration.

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