Fresh milk consumers ‘milked’ of Rs 1.75bn in 2011


The traders of fresh milk really ‘milked’ their customers last year, making Rs 1.75 billion extra by charging more than the fixed price.
The rate of fresh milk was fixed at Rs 60 per litre at a meeting between the city authorities and office-bearers of the Karachi Dairy Farm Association, the Karachi Dairy Farmers, retailers, the wholesalers’ association and the Consumers’ Rights Council, on March 3, 2011.
It was also decided at the meeting that dairy farmers would ensure supply of hygienic fresh milk to consumers as per the ISO-9001 standards. The city’s authorities would collect milk samples from shops and have them checked at a laboratory.
However, the traders of the commodity kept selling it at price range between Rs 70 and 75 per litre.
According to sources, the city’s authorities deliberately look the other way and corrupt officials get their due share from the booty.
They said the government lacks a price mechanism policy and profiteers sell milk at their own rates.
Consumer Rights Association Chairman Kokab Iqbal told Pakistan Today that fresh milk is an essential kitchen commodity and the unauthorised increase in its price has greatly troubled the people.
“The fresh milk price hike has affected the dietary needs of children belonging to millions of poor families and the government and its price monitoring bodies should take notice of this,” Iqbal added.
Karachi Commissioner Roshan Ali Sheikh told Pakistan Today that the price of fresh milk in Karachi is fixed at Rs 60 per litre and strict action would be taken against shopkeepers charging more from the consumers.
“I have directed all deputy commissioners of the city to speed up action against milk sellers, who are charging more and impose fines or even arrest them,” he added.
According to the milk price control room, action has been taken against 2,816 milk sellers and Rs 1,984,300 recovered as fine from them so far.
There are around 60,000 cattle pens in Karachi and five million litres of fresh milk is sold in the city every day.


  1. Yea man they are killing Pakistani nation with a Twister of inflation, Anyway yea prices are low in India if you see Figures Because don't you know there currency is almost double value of Pakistani currency Indian Rs.33 means Pakistan Rs.60 , So prices are almost same value wise.

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