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‘Trilateral summit to ensure stability in region’

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Friday said the trilateral summit of presidents of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran would ensure peace, stability and development in the region.
Talking to reporters, she said that keeping in view the current situation, there was a dire need to devise a strategy in consultation with neighbouring countries to promote development and stability in the region and handle challenges in an effective way. She said the signing of joint declaration by Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran was reflective of the fact that the presidents of the three countries were determined to take steps in the interest of the region.
The minister said Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran had a common history, culture and religion and had an important role to play in the future of the region.
She said the three countries were fighting against terrorism and were fully aware that they needed to work jointly to win against the menace.
The minister said the summit would be helpful in resolving the challenges presently faced by these countries.
“The deliberations of the summit show that the leadership of Pakistan has taken decisions in the interest of the country and the region,” she added.
The minister said fruits of the summit would be reaped in the future by strengthening of regional mechanisms for achieving development, progress and prosperity.

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