CJ, take a suo motu! Don’t let Amina fly…


Minister for Planning Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor on Friday moved an application to Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo motu notice against Lahore High Court (LHC) judgment under which the custody of Amina Razzaq, 11, was granted to her French mother Ingrid Branden Burger while ignoring the desire of the girl to live with her Pakistani father.
Ghafoor asked the CJ to restrain Burger from taking the girl out of Pakistan till the Supreme Court takes a decision on the matter since the girl will not be returned if the court rules in favour of the father .
The application moved through counsel Azhar Siddique stated that Amina was a hafiz-e-Quran and had told the LHC that she did not want to return to her non-Musim mother, despite which the judge had granted custody to the mother.
The application asks the CJ to take a suo motu to restraining Burger from flying out of the country with Amina. Ghafoor said Amina’s tears on the TV screen had moved him but been ignored by Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik. He said the judge had given the order despite knowing Amina’s father Razzaq was sick and not present in court.


  1. May Allah Bless Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Sahb and make him successful and grat him reward here and hereafter. and I pray that CJ takes action. Ameen

  2. Why is the media glorifying the abduction of this child by the father? She was abducted in 2005. That is a total of SEVEN YEARS that she was cut off from her Mother.

    As a journalist, it is YOUR DUTY to provide clear facts to the public. Pakistani media is so incredibly irresponsible. What must have it been like for a FOUR YEAR OLD toddler to be in a strange place without her mother? What kind of psychological effects did this have on the child?

    The mother went through 3 different court system which all ruled in her favour, and the Father STILL continued to break the law. Now if the Father all of a sudden cares about his daughters Imaan, he should have thought about it before getting a Christian woman pregnant. Where was his Imaan then?

    What does Islam say about fornication? I am so sick of these Pakistani men who come to the West, sleep with Western women, then all of a sudden have an issue when it comes to the child. All of a sudden, the mother becomes a Christian slut. Where was the father's imaan when he got into bed with the mother?

    Did the Father not think that his daughter is Half French and any hatred he instills in his daughter against the mother will only hurt the girl's self-esteem and view of herself? The child must be hating herself and this is all because of the Father's brainwashing.

    The worst thing you can ever do to a child is say bad things about the other parent, either to their face or behind their back. But the father is selfish and did not care about this.

    I feel sorry for this girl.

  3. there must be strict rules for muslims who make thesetypes of relation for there worldy benefits and innocents buchy suffer the pain. .MAY ALLAH PAK BLESS AMINA AND DO WHAT IS GOOD FOR THAT INNOCENT GIRL

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