White Lies


Word has it that the PML(N) selection committee for the Senate has made an interesting decision. It has selected two of its own members for the Senate.

Apparently, the two lucky winners are Kamran Michael and Nuzhat Sadiq. Being firm believers in the saying “Doctor, heal thyself”, they had absolutely no problem with the formula “Selector, select thyself”.

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We hear that all who consider themselves close to their party leaders have a one-item agenda these days. That is a Senate ticket, nothing less.

Not surprisingly the ex-DG FIA who along with his two sons is considered a trusted lieutenant of the man on the hill had his expectations. However, we are told his dreams have been shattered to bits. Both he and son Dr Basit have been denied Senate tickets which has set the tongues wagging. Apparently, he is not as close to the boss as he used to be.

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  1. He was not the ex DG FIA. Thanks to his devious ways he worked his way up from an Inspector but never reached the top Thank God. One can only see such things in Pakistan.

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