No more visa extensions for foreigners in Pakistan


In view of the country’s security situation, the federal government has imposed a complete ban on granting visa extensions to all foreigners in the country for an indefinite period. Official sources said the security agencies had also been directed to strictly implement the procedures of security clearance for issuing visas to new applicants. Sources said that in view of security threats, the federal government has decided in principle not to extend the visas of all foreigners in the country.
The ban will apply on all the foreigners in the country, including official and non-official visitors. Sources said the authorities would issue letters to the foreigners with expiring visas, and ask them to return to their respective countries. Sources added that the Pakistani embassies and high commissions in all the countries of the world have been ordered to strictly follow the security clearance procedures upon receiving new visa applications. Sources said the embassies had been directed not to issue visa to any foreigner without due clearance by the intelligence agencies, adding that strict action would be taken against officials found involved in issuing Pakistani visas to foreigners without due security clearance.


  1. Hi hello I'm Divina

    Even the renewal aplication can't get the extension,,We been here for 5 years and our visa is working,,,,this is also affected,?,,,What is security clearance for…my visa was expired this february 2012,,its mean i'll go back to my own country and appy the new visa there,,,if my visa are on process now to renew what will happened..

    Thanks: ….email…[email protected]

    • Hiya divinavine,
      If you would like to get more Immigration help, You better call me on my Cell Number, 00923005261325 . I would feel pleasure to help you about Pakistani Immigration for FREE.

    • Divina,

      I would like to know what happened with your visa? Were you able to get it extended or not? If not, do you plan to leave the country without a valid visa? I am also in a similar position and would like to know what to expect. Let me know if there is a way we can contact each other to talk about this.

      Good luck!


  2. it is a hard decision and again human rights.. I am an Afghan national and was born here in Pakistan.

    Now i am 30 years old But for official and legal requirements I have got a Visit Visa and extending this visa from the past 2 years. I never been to Afghanistan except one or two times for acquiring Passport and initial Pakistani Visa.

    What should i do know because we have enmities in Afghanistan and i can not visit Afghanistan for visa extension freely???

    • If you are Pakistani NIC Holder than you can Apply for Nicop Card at Nadra Pakistan ,With your Afghan Passport so You can Leave Pakistan with That card and enter Pakistan with that Card .

  3. Hi,I am Regina with due respect to the government of Pakistan, i just want to clarify about this visa ban to all foreigners because i'm having a working visa and it will be expire this July 2012.Since then i used to renew every year according to the rules that before i month i process my visa, so how about if we cant go back home due to financial problems then what will happened it will not considered to give us a visa here?

  4. Hello, i am Regina with due respect to this extension visa ban i just want to ask my visa will expire this coming July 2012 but my contract will be finish 2013 so how can i go home this 2012 because my contract will be finish 2013 of course my boss will not give me a ticket without the term of my contract. Thanks

    • Hiya Regina,
      If you would like to get more Immigration help, You better call me on my Cell Number, 00923005261325 . I would feel pleasure to help you about Pakistani Immigration.

      • Hello M Cel,
        I need immediate help on exiting the country legally. Our VISAs expired on May 15 2012 and now can not exit the country without a valid VISA. Please contact me for any suggestions that you have for us.

        I will highly appreciate your kind help and assistance.

        My email ID is: [email protected]

        Thank you,

    • Hi Regina,

      I would like to know what happened with your visa? Were you able to get it extended or not? If not, do you plan to leave the country without a valid visa? I am also in a similar position and would like to know what to expect. My visa expired a few weeks ago and I am having a hard time getting it renewed or extended. Let me know if there is a way we can contact each other privately to talk about this.

      Good luck!


  5. Hi to All effected Visa Holders,

    It is a very unclear decision and like all other Pakistani Interior Minister Decisions which is un realistic.

    He and his followers (official of Interior Ministry Government of Pakistan) even did not think about those working visa holders who is working here since several years and because of their contracts with their employers and just made the decision in effect after a short meeting in Ministry of Interior.

    On the other hand Yesterday I met an agent for acquiring extension in my visit visa and he promised me that he will do it for Rs.25000 (One Year Visa Extension) on 17/March/2012.

    So now I think we all should understood that banned on visa extensions is just for making money because its the final year of Government.


    • All this is done to make money through you peoples thats it….try to find some one in ministry or etc he will get it done for you all the thing for few dollars…….

  6. OMG, what is there in Pakistan? It is one of the world's poorest country, only poor people (Afghans and Somalians) go there. Even the wealthy Afghans stay away from Pakistan as they go to India instead. This will hurt Pakistan's tourism.

    • Hey, I think ur Stupid Person in the World. There are so many rich People in Pakistan like Asif Ali Zardari. We are Proud of Our President, the 3rd Richest Person in this World. You stupid Punk. Get a life. Sucker

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  8. hi my name is H Khan i come from Canada after long 10 yeras tovisit my family by a treval document on March first i had 45 days visa and my retrun tecket is on 29th of may and i can,t chang my ticket ,now my visa is expare , what i have to do, and if i stay untilr 29th of may what the pakistan immigration will do to me they will put me in jail or what ?

  9. Hi to all visa authorities

    Hamed Zazia
    unfortunately it is a very bad action which taken against foreigners.i am afghan national and my visa is getting expire so it is difficult for me to afghanistan and get new visa so what i should to do plz plz

  10. Good move. We've had Westerners and Afghans carrying illegal firearms, intimidating police and locals (Remember Raymond Davis?) Not to mention Arab, Afghan and Turkic and other terrorists hiding in our country and engaged terrorism killing our people. About time this act is enforced.

  11. Hello,
    I and my family are in the same satiation. We came from Canada with a family visit VISA. We asked for a 90 days VISA, we were given a 90 days VISA, but it was an entry visa with one entry for period 45 days. It means that we needed to exit the country in 45 days.

    In Toronto, the General Consul of Pakistan told us that we can extend our VISA in Pakistan. We applied to extend the visa one month after entering Pakistan, but now our VISA has expired and could not extend it. Our VISA expired on May 15 2012 and we have already missed our flights. I just do not know what to do and how to legally exit the country.

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  12. To all posters here about visa, please be careful of people offering services here. For your concerns, please contact the authorities directly, not here. Do not disclose your contact details to strangers.

  13. Hi my sister in law in Pakistan passed her English test but it’s been a year has it expired does she have to do it again could u please let me know

  14. i indian passport holder.i applied for pak nationality,so i visit to india pls tell me procedure

    • Buddy I would say you should consult with the Federal Government of Pakistan rather than seeking help from this forum. I am afraid you will not get any authentic news from this forum hence, it is better to move interior office physically and sort out your all work. Hope you understood.
      Yours Truly,

  15. dear sir or madam,however did u stop exteintion vissa for pepole who actually visetet familly or maybe have familly problem or maybe he or she loss his father or other his familly like me i loss my father isnot fear please .please issuead again extention vissa becuse eid aswell coming soon and pepole need to see his familly. thanks

  16. hi all, I'm from Indonesia and i did married with Pakistani man in Lahore, i was came in Pakistan at visit visa on 30 days duration, now my visa going to expired after 15 days, how can extend my visa? or how can i apply for a POC?? is the band in over on issue the new POC?? if my visa will not extend and i will do any over stay then what will happened?? and after over stay any 6 to 8 months how can legally exit the country??

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Mrs, Omar

    • Hello Mrs Omar,
      One of my friend had similar issue with his Visa. I don't know much about visa extension, but I will mention what we were told by authorities. To extend your visa , you have to apply for it at least 15 days before expiration of your entry visa. You do this by going to passport and Visa office in Islamabad, If the band still going on, you might have to go to ministry of home interior and address your issue. Then they will give you a letter that you can bring to Visa office.

      If your visa is expired, you pay a certain amount of money to exit as penalty. Upto 15 days is free, but after that you may have to pay. I think it is $20 for a month or something I don't really remember , but you can search on Internet or go to Immigration and Visa website.

      If the band is over, you can legally exit Pakistan by paying certain amount of money depending on your duration of extra stay than your visa. I don't know if your case is different since you are married to Pakistani Citizen. Hope that Helps.


      • thank you Mr shah,
        Ya i am just married 10 days before with a Pakistani citizen, actually we have planed to stay in pakistan uo to 6 months and we just got the news that there is no more visa extension for foreigner other wise while i was applied and got the visa in jakarta from pakistan"s embassy that same time i was asked there that later if i wanna extend my visa then is it possible? officer was answered me that YES just visit to immigration office in islamabad or visit to Immigration office in lahore ( garden town) they will extend your visa. but after to read the news on internet we r getting much worry.

        if if if i will over stay then FIA will put me in jail? or just after pay a over stay fee then i can exit the city??

        Mrs Omar

        • Mrs Omar,
          When my friend applied for visa extension, it was also rejected because visa extension was band for foreigners. then he went to ministry of interior. He told them why he needs to stay more than his visa duration in Pakistan and then the MOI gave him an approval letter which he then submitted that letter to Visa office and received visa extension.

          I don't think FIA puts you in Jail. To make sure nothing happens, I would suggest to go FIA office and talk with them. Tell them that you need to stay more but you can't get visa so what will happen if I over stay than my visa allows me.

          Over all, its very complicated now, My first suggestion is to extend your visa before expiration. Because once your visa is expired, things can get worst and you may have problem exiting Pakistan legally.

          also, don't go and ask everyone about your problem , because everyone is there to take some money. Go to directly to a visa officer or FIA officer and share your problem. They will certainly give you an advise. You can also call ministry of interior and talk with them directly. I will send you the Passport of Visa phone number once I find it since I don't have it now.


          • Mr. Shah,

            how about the POC? can i applied for that?? what documents needed for that ?? i read the news that band to apply for POC is over. is it true ?? do you have any update about POC?

            i found any contect maybe it can also help you,

            Directorate General of Immigration & Passports
            Headquartes, Mauve Area, G-8/1,
            Islamabad, Pakistan.

            Project Director (MRP) Maqbool Ahmad Gondal PHONE- 9107042/FAX- 9107041
            Director Headquarter Shakir Ali PHONE- 9107044/FAX- 9107045

            Mrs Omar

  17. i have applied for an extension of my visa , a student visa, and as usual the process takes a lot of time, if any one can help me to follow my application ,


  19. Hi I got married in Pakistan, I am from Australia and I want to extend my stay for 6 mos… What is the best solution to this as I was only given 2 mos tourist visa. Is there a possibility of extension since my husband is Pakistani.Pls
    reply or post comment. Thanks

    • .
      What is your husband's nationality ???
      Is he offering any solutions ???
      How about Australian consulate (if the situation is complicated) ???

  20. Hellow m in pakistan since 3/2/12 n my visa is expired, if i wanna go back again to spain , i have to renew all documents right? passport… n what about the DNI if its expired too?

  21. Mary,

    You will have to renew your visa , pay the fine fee for whatever days you were present without a VISA, (not more than $100/year I think). Renew your passport at Spain Embassy if its from Spain.

    Dont exactly know what you mean by DNi.

    There is also some people who will pass you through airport with your expired visa. Its Pakistan, money supervise the law.


  22. Hi I got no problem in extending my visa. My husband and I went to Islamabad Immigration office this is where you need to go for extension of visa. I was given one year extension since I am married to a Pakistan origin. So if you intend to stay longer is to go to Islamabad and the Immigration officer will give you extension this depend on your situation as tourist visa. Then you can get this in the RPO where ever town you are . Fees to be paid at RPO. For those once who want an exit permit or overdtayed process of visa is same but you need to pay the fine and this depend on the month/ year of overstaying. Hope this help everyone here in the forum.

  23. Please at least extend the visa of students who are studying at different universities of Pakistan . if you do not extend their visas then why your universities give admission to the students.

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