Iran, Hezbollah ‘plotting new anti-Israeli attacks’


Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia are planning to carry out new anti-Israeli attacks around the world, a senior Israeli official involved in counter-terrorism warned on Friday.
“Iran and Hezbollah are planning more attacks overseas,” he told reporters, speaking on condition of anonymity and without giving further details.
Israel has been on high alert following bomb incidents in India, Thailand and Georgia on Monday and Tuesday that officials said were aimed at diplomats from the Jewish state.
Top Israeli officials have openly accused Iran of being responsible and have also implicated Iran’s Lebanese Shiite ally Hezbollah in several other foiled attempts to harm Israelis in Thailand and Azerbaijan since the start of the year.
Thailand has arrested two Iranians in connection with a series of blasts in Bangkok earlier this week, and police said they are looking for an Iranian woman who is thought to have fled the kingdom.
On Friday, police confirmed they were seeking another Iranian in connection with the explosions. A fourth Iranian linked to the incident was detained in Malaysia.
“Once again, we call on Israelis overseas to be vigilant, to be wary of suspicious objects, not to accept any such objects and to follow the advice of the security services in the countries where they are,” he said.
Asked about reports of an Iranian plot to kill Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak in Singapore earlier this week, which were denied by Singaporean and Israeli officials, he said: “We have no information about that.”
But he acknowledged that “senior Israeli officials travelling overseas are a prime target.”
He also reiterated that Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula was still considered to be the “the most exposed place” for Israelis and cautioned against travel there.
He also recommended that Israelis avoid travelling to southern Thailand.