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But where is Babar Jamali?

On December 8 last year, a young democratic nationalist was kidnapped by plainclothes law enforcement personnel in front of his parents in Hyderabad. Since then, there are no clues whatsoever happened to the youth or his whereabouts. The police are not ready to register any case neither they are telling whom he was handed over.
Almost three months have passed since Babar Jamali – a driver in an oil company in Badin district – was taken away by police. His 70-year-old father, Ghulam Hussain Jamali, has been visiting one police station after the other, one police officer to another, from the Sindh High Court to different legal experts, but to no avail.
The old man himself is a political worker and has made great sacrifices for democracy in the country and also fought against the dictatorship of General Zia. Hailing from Badin, his family remains active in democratic, fair and peaceful politics.
On December 8, 2011, Jamali with his wife and son Babar had arrived in Hyderabad from Badin to see of his other son, who was leaving for Iraq where he had landed a job with an oil company in Basra.
After seeing his son off, the family went to a gas-filling station and were waiting in a long queue of vehicles as the CNG supply had normalised after a two-day closure.
“It was about 9:00pm when we were waiting for our turn at the gas station near Hyderabad by-pass,” Jamali talking with Pakistan Today said. “Four officers in a white police van accompanied by a person who had his face covered came to a stop near our car and a police officer pulled out my son sitting on driving seat. He dragged Babar out of the car pulling his hair and started thrashing him.”
The alleged police officers then took away Jamali’s son with them in their police van.
“All this only took a minute and we were so shocked by what had happened that we couldn’t respond,” Jamali added. “They [police] also took away the key of our car and the mobile phone of Babar with them.” The man told Pakistan Today that he along with his lawyer friend Advocate Noor Ahmed Memon reached the Hatri police station within 30 minutes to inquire why Babar had been picked up. “[However], there was no officer there and some constables advised us to visit the CID police station to get information as there were no white police vans in the Hattri police station,” said Jamali. “Nobody at the CID police station was of any help to us and neither did we see any white coloured vehicle there,” he added.
Since then, the Jamali family has been searching for their son but no body is ready to tell the whereabouts of Babar or why he was picked up.
Jamali also tried to lodge an FIR of his missing son but no police station heard his pleas. “I even got an appointment for meeting Hyderabad DIG Police Sanaullah Abbsi but at the last moment, he refused to meet me,” Babar’s father said.
He has also filed a petition in the Sindh High Court about the abduction of his son. The court has summoned the Hyderabad police chief but the results are yet to be seen.
When asked, Jamali said he wanted to register the case of Babar’s abduction against CID Hyderabad sub-inspectors Zulfiqar Arain and Aijaz Chandio.
After Balochistan the bullet-riddled bodies of Sindhi youth, who were kidnapped by plainclothes officials, have started to be thrown at their villages. Almost same is the story with every family of whose youth have been picked up by “security officials”. Their parents are running from pillar to post but there is no justice.
Apart from Babar, currently many others Sindhi youth, including Bashir Arisar, Muzaffar Bhutto, Afzal Panhwar, Inam Bhatti, Murtaza Chandio, Ahsan Malano and Imran Jokhio have been missing for a long time.
Nobody knows where they are and no one is ready to tell their families what happened with their beloved.
After strict Supreme Court orders, some missing persons from the Punjab province were produced before the court, but the fate of a large number of Sindhi and Baloch political workers hangs in the balance.


  1. Mushtaque Hussain said:

    Pakistan military and ISI is doing all this because they can’t allow some one to talk against their cruel policies

    • Imran Hyder said:

      Great injustice in the Pakistan now a day, where is the chief justice, why he cant doing any legal action against the missing persons like Babar Jamali, who kidnap by the agencies.

  2. dating tips 101 said:

    Through this post only I have heard for the first time about Babar Jamali. I felt really pity for his seventy year old father who is trying to know the information regarding his son. I think the media must cover this news and bring out the actual truth behind the kidnapping.

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