Bottled bigotry


The debate of Shezan juice being banned by the LBA has taken Pakistan by a storm, thanks to the social media. The drink has been banned because the manufacturing company is owned by an Ahmadi. Not only is this wrong but hypocritical as well. Pakistanis use products manufactured by multi-national corporations (MNC’s) everyday that are owned by non-Muslims. No one has shown any hatred against them. But Shezan juice is being banned because of a religious matter.

I think the religious side is being used as a cover to hide the real reason for its ban. Either its Pakistani competitor(s) are buying it out or they think that Shezan will be a threat in the future if it captures a wide market share.

The Lahore Bar Association (LBA) must rethink their decision, because this is a hateful decision and it just doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t the LBA people ban all financial institutions as they are running on interest? Why don’t they ban the use of all cell phones, because all major brands are owned by non-Muslims? The way religious bigotry is being used to ban Shezan, frankly speaking, illustrates everything that is wrong with this country.




  1. If you ban all those things suggested and made by non muslims you will go back to stone age and that includes this newspaper as well as the printing technology is also in this category.Since this an email why not ban emails too!

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