COAS refuses answers to journalists


Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Kayani demanded on Friday that Prime Minister Gilani be asked the query regarding the appointment of ISI DG, adding that the question of restoration of NATO supply route be posed to the defence minister.
He said all this after he was surrounded by journalists at Islamabad airport. Though the COAS did not seem to be in a mood to respond to the questions of journalists but they kept him burdened with loads of questions.
To a question pertaining to restoration of NATO supply-line and its effects, Kayani said: “Ask this from defence minister!”
To another question about the new director general of ISI, COAS said, “This question should be posed to PM Gilani.” The investigations into NLC scandal would be done according to laid rules and regulation, Kayani assured.


  1. The Great Chief Kayani Is Always Right.

    I’m So Worried About Great Gen. Pasha. He Is The Best For Us And I.S.I Too. I Request To Our Fool Govt. That Please Make Great Pasha As DG Of I.S.I For Next Three Years Again After 18 March.

    Thank You Great Kayani For Answer But We Still Worried About Our Govt.’s Action’s About NATO.

    • Why!!! Its means all other are fools? why they have given extension………… After all they are the people who failed on 2nd may who failed on Mohamand check post. they should be answerable and now the drone attacks… why they are getting our money and spending on their luxury life nothing for the people of this country.

  2. The COAS Ahfaq Parvez Kiani is a great soldier of Pakistan.
    I salute Kiani
    I salute ISI
    I salute Pak Army.

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