Ufone Uth Records 2.0 to hit airwaves


The second season of Ufone Uth Records (2.0) will be hitting airwaves and social media networks from Saturday 25th February onwards. Ufone Uth Records has gained popularity for acting as a platform for introducing new talent in the music industry, who are mentored by professional industry producers to compose and record their original compositions. Each artist’s journey is recorded and showcased on the Uth Records television show.
Ufone has collaborated with distinguished musicians, including Louis J Pinto, mostly referred to as Gumby, who worked as a Uth Records’ producer. The show’s first season featured young talented artists and bands, including Jumbo Jutt, Yasir and Jawad with Wali, Usman Riaz, Natasha Ejaz, Ather Sani and RamLal. This year, the show will introduce 6 new artists.