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PIDE to start centre of excellence

The issues related to health economy like demography’s contribution to health policy debates and planning are gaining importance worldwide but unfortunately they are being ignored in Pakistan, says a press release issued here on Wednesday by the Pakistan Institute for Development Economics (PIDE). Pakistan Institute for Development of Economics (PIDE) has taken an initiative of establishing a centre of excellence ‘Centre for Population, Health and Social Policy (CPHSP) with objective of focusing on health holistically. While talking about the launching of CPHSP during a meeting, Vice Chancellor Dr Rashid Amjad said: “With the availability of relevant human capital at PIDE, the centre can fill in this gap. Likewise, demography’s contribution to health policy debate and planning is also vital. While briefing the participants, Dr Durr-e-Nayab, CPHSP and PIDE Director, said that the ignored issues relating to health economy and health policy development involves different components like identifying the major disease problems, designing health care systems and defining what government can do using the full range of policy instruments.

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