Karachi should be made a weapon-free zone: Shahi


The only solution to Karachi’s unrest is to launch a full-fledged operation and make the port city a weapons free zone, ANP Sindh President Shahi Syed said on Wednesday. He was talking to journalists at the Peshawar Press Club. “Karachi is an industrial hub and backbone of the country’s economy. If there is no peace in Karachi then we cannot expect peace anywhere in the country. I demand the federal government to a launch operation without any discrimination against those who are involved in anti-state activities and the operation can be started from my own house”, the Senate election candidate said. Shahi said that if all Pakhtuns of Karachi get united against what was happening in the city, they could even play their role for peace in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. He said due to disunity and envy among Pakhtuns, they were losing on all fronts.
“We have been divided into different factions and camps, owing to which we are now in trouble at everyplace”, the ANP Sindh president said, adding that some elements want Pakhtuns to remain drivers, conductors, watchmen and not doctors, engineers, journalists or something else. Labourers were being killed, who had nothing to do with politics and just came to Karachi in search of livelihood, Shahi lamented, adding that the main reason behind their killing was to stop Pakhtuns from coming to the port city.
Without naming anyone, the ANP Sindh president said that a party was spreading terror among the people of Karachi openly and no one spoke against this. “Perhaps, our law enforcement agencies don’t recognise anti-state elements”, Shahi said, adding that the ANP wanted free and transparent elections and to get rid of the land mafia and extortionists in Karachi. He alleged that development projects were being carried out in Karachi on ethnic basis, adding that since five years, construction work on the Bacha Khan Bridge was going on but it was not completed causing problems for the masses. Shahi said he envisions Karachi to be become a trade city such as Dubai so that industry could boost. “We will do jihad for justice and against a terrorist group, who is terrorising and killing our people”, he concluded.