Exhibition of Cheema’s photographs opens at Nomad Art Gallery


An exhibition of photographs by renowned artist Abbrar Cheema has started at Nomad Gallery here on Wednesday. The exhibition titled ‘Real Visage of My Land’ by Abbrar Cheema will open for public today (Thursday).
Comprising of 54 exquisite photographs of horse-riding, labourers working in the fields, historical Mughal buildings of Punjab province and recreational places of Pakistan, the artist has shown a certain novelty and originality in his photographs that attracts the viewer’s attention immediately. One can not but gaze at his photographs repeatedly and experience the sentiments they evoke. Things, objects and actions that one has observed time and again in life seem to acquire a certain magic and a hitherto unnoticed beauty that makes them so interesting and absorbing when one sees them in his photographs. Abbrar has a genuine magical touch.
Abbrar Cheema is a unique photographer who has snatched photographs with such an angle that every body wishes to witness every photograph. His work carries a powerful interest in exploring the land and people.
Using infra red filters in some of his works, he has created awe inspiring panoramic imagery. With exhibitions abroad to his credit and selection of his photographs for ‘National Geographic’, Cheema is a source of inspiration for many promising young photographers. His work is intense and carries the essence the scene captured. For example, in his tent pegging series, he evokes a sense of surprise and action.
Cheema’s pictures of rice husking and paddy fields are timeless in quality. The beauty of artist’s work is the immediacy with which he captures fleeting moments, be it the flickering light just appearing from behind the clouds or the gallop of the horse racing forth in full speed.
Graduate of College of Arts and Design from Punjab University and later having earned the degree of MFA in paintings, Cheema’s interest and passion in photography is no surprise. His natural instincts of observing people and the world around him comes into full play in these well composed, harmonious balanced images, which reflect the trained eye of a painter.
The photography in Pakistan will definitely benefit from Cheema’s creative and patient personality that enabled him to produce master pieces. He uses latest techniques and explores all sort of creativity in the art of photography. His images take viewers into kaleidoscope of vibrant colour, an inevitable region of surprise.
Talking to Pakistan Today, Abbrar Cheema said he could not deny the fact that beauty, colours, and fascinating culture of Pakistan inspire him a lot. “Being an artist, I dedicate to use my camera as a tool and started capturing my inspiration as I am passionate about capturing cultural sports tent pegging and bull racing – a powerful game of the men. I love the beautiful horses, bulls, powerful riders, their colourful costumes, and the charged atmosphere,” Cheema maintained. In capturing the beauty of Pakistan, Cheema said he had embraced working with advance techniques such as panoramic and infra red photography. “I love the 360 by 180 degree coverage that panoramic photography provides every inch of my beloved country is very important for me,” the artist concluded. Nomad Gallery Director Nageen Hyat said that various colours were seen in Abbrar Cheema’s photographs in each moment. “The photographs had a magical effect which we could not feel in our usual lives,” she said. The exhibition will remain open at Nomad Gallery till February 28.