Diamond collar buried with Paris poodle stolen


French police were investigating the theft of a diamond-studded dog collar from a grave at the world’s oldest pet cemetery, whose most famous tenant is Hollywood canine star Rin Tin Tin. Police told AFP someone stole a collar worth 9,000 euros ($11,700) from a black poodle’s grave in the animal cemetery in the Paris suburb of Asnieres-sur-Seine. A wealthy American industrialist’s wife had buried the dog in 2003 in a marble tomb whose headstone includes a large red heart and an image of a black poodle. The name ‘Tipsy’ was covered with orange tape.
For years the legend of a dog buried with a diamond necklace had circulated but it was only after the theft that the truth of what had been thought an urban myth was confirmed. Today the French cemetery houses the tombs of 3,000 animals, most of them dogs and cats but also others like Kiki the monkey, Bunga the rabbit, Faust the sheep, several horses and even a lion. The tombs are adorned with animal photos, colourful marbles, gnome figurines, angel statuettes, fake mini Christmas trees. Inscriptions include “to my baby,” “love of our life,” and “loyal companion and only friend of my vagabond and sorry life.”