Public sector universities facing shortage of funds


The higher education sector in Pakistan is increasingly being marginalised for lack of adequate funding from the federal government across the county. The public sector universities are facing serious problems in meeting development expenditure. Sources in the Higher Education Commission said that despite repeated requests, the federal government had not so far released the promised additional grant of Rs 4.6 billion for recurring expenditures and Rs 2.5 billion for development projects.
Talking to Pakistan Today, HEC Executive Director Dr Sohail Naqvi confirmed that the said grants had not so far been released. He, however, said the government had assured the HEC of releasing funds soon. The public sector universities which provide higher education to the masses are facing a challenge. Lack of adequate funds will cause a collapse of the universities.
The proposed reduction in PSDP by the Planning Commission of Pakistan will further impact growth which is 2% for 2011-2012. Although there is nothing new in the growth strategy, it has been approved by the NEC. One major issue arising out of the mindset is the thought that governments need to get out of business. The ‘Chicago School’ mindset is applying policy without looking at ground realities in Pakistan.
In a country of 180 million people where eighty percent are marginalised without any change in their lot, cut in PSDP is bound to impact investments in education and health.