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Mansoor claims of being in contact with ISI DG

Memogate’s prime figure Mansoor Ejaz has claimed that he is in constant contact with ISI DG Ahmad Shuja Pasha regarding recording statement for Supreme Court’s enquiry commission.
Talking to a private TV channel on Tuesday, he said that ever since his latest talks with ISI DG in London on October 22, 2011, he was in close contact with him (ISI DG) , and both were constantly deliberating over the issues of commission and security concerns (of Mansoor Ejaz).
It is pertinent to note that in one of his earlier writings, Mansoor Ejaz had equated ISI as a cancerous anathema, while in his correspondence with CJP on Jan 30, Mansoor Ejaz had also talked of mobile messages and e-mails he had exchanged with ISI DG.
The letter allegedly refers to strong warning of ISI DG to Mansoor Ejaz that, both Pakistani and American governments did not want Mansoor Ejaz to appear before the commission.
Expressing his latest reservations about his security in one of his latest TV interviews, Mansoor Ejaz has said that his life was endangered by Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Pakistan’s civilian government.
In his letter penned to Supreme Court, he had also stressed on allowing Hussain Haqqani to travel abroad, facilitating Mansoor Ejaz with an easy excuse to ensure that he rather recorded his any statements outside Pakistan.
This letter was kept as a secret on special request of Mansoor Ejaz, but was disclosed by a private TV channel who managed access to this letter.
One legal expert has said that if Mansoor Ejaz managed to get permission to record his statement, many persons from all walks of life would also record their statements, in a never ending chain.
Legal experts are of the opinion that Mansoor Ejaz might refuse to appear before High commission, just like he refused to appear before Memogate commission.

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  1. Khan jr said:

    I think everyone and his aunt is lying, and fabricating – Mansoor Ejaz, Hussain Haqqani, Rehman Malik, DG Shuja Pasha and many members of our Media.

    The valid question is who is lying the most? And what do they have to gain from it?

  2. Abid Saleem said:

    His statement is going to be dictation of CIA.or ISI ..???

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