John assaulted by fan!


It looks like John Abraham is paying a high price for his popularity among women. He is getting mauled and assaulted by his female fans of late. Perhaps his new ‘officially’ single status has something to do with it.
Recently, at an event, a female fan bit his finger! Poor John tried to be polite about it but this time it hurt him bad. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time he has been assaulted this violently. Earlier in Jaipur he visited an ATM to withdraw some cash. But word spread that the hunk was in the area and soon there was a mad scramble among his hysterical female fans to meet, greet and touch him. The result was that he emerged with a totally scratched body after the ordeal. John should perhaps consider having an armour in public considering he also had his butt pinched in Toronto some years ago. Well John isn’t the only star who has had to go through fan frenzy. His ex-girlfriend Bipasha is paranoid and won’t go public without her bodyguards as she has been mobbed several times in her career. Amitabh Bahcchan hasn’t been spared either; he had his hand slashed when he shook hands with a fan carrying a blade! Stardom is dangerous business, isn’t it?