Indictment of PM


The day of February 13, 2012 will be remembered in the history of Pakistan on which an elected prime minister appeared for the second time before the apex court. Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani is also the first prime minister of the country who has been indicted by the Supreme Court (SC).

The second appearance of the premier before the SC depicts that the PPP-led government and its prime minister fully respect the judiciary and by doing so they have also showed the world that Pakistan is such a country where even its chief executive is accountable to the court. The premier has also set the example for the upcoming premiers and the democracies.

Different talks were underway in this regard, some people were of the view that on Feb 13 PM Gilani will step down while others were of the view that PM will be convicted, but premier showed extreme maturity by appearing before the apex court. The main point which is to be noted is it that no PPP worker indulged in any violent protest across the country. This is highly laudable.

All the political parties hailed PM Gilani’s appearance before SC, except the political tycoons of PML(N) and the PTI. Now the matter is before the mercy of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The government and the judiciary both should show maturity and there should be no clash between the institutions over a letter that at the end of the day might not mean very much at all. Democracy should survive in our country. It already had been weakened by the wrong policies of the past governments, especially by successive military rules.