Imran Khan says no to Arjun Rampal


It seems Imran Khan is too scared to meet his biggest hater and thus refused to be a part of Arjun Rampal’s show ‘Love to Hate You’. The show’s organisers were looking forward to having Imran Khan on the show. Unlike other actors, the actor wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of meeting his hater. Well the actor gave reasons of dates and excused himself from the show. After Aamir, Imran is known for his chocolate boy image in Bollywood. The actor certainly wants to meet his fans and not his biggest hater. Interestingly, Imran is not the only Bollywood celebrity who has refused to be part of the show! It can be recalled that actress Sonam Kapoor, too, wasn’t too keen to be a part of ‘Love to Hate You’ and didn’t participate in it.