Cabinet takes up 20th Amendment Bill today


The federal cabinet is all set to take up the crucial 20th Amendment Bill 2012 today at a special meeting to be held with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in the chair. The major treasury and opposition parties had reached a consensus on the piece of legislation last week, paving the way for a consensus caretaker setup to be entrusted to hold next general elections. After approval from the cabinet, the bill would be presented in parliament for passage. A source told Pakistan Today that the federal cabinet would take up a nine-point agenda while any other matter could also be taken up with the permission of the chair. However, the source said the special meeting was being held only to pass the important legislation in the shape of 20th Amendment Bill.
The cabinet agenda would include the status of implementation of cabinet’s decisions, confirmation of decisions of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) held on January 31, presentation on consumer price index, proposed amendments in Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design Act 2011, signing and ratification of statute of the organisation of the Islamic Countries (OIC) women development organisation, amendments in rules of acceding states order 1972 presidential order, move from positive to negative list of items for India.