Bilawal steers clear of Lyari over fresh Kutchhi-Baloch clash


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has postponed his visit to Lyari over a fresh Kutchhi-Baloch clash in the town following the murder of a most-wanted Lyari gang war accused in Chakiwara on Sunday.
The Kalri police said 27-year-old Zubair Ghulam Rasool alias Wehshi, who was involved in the Lyari gang war and on the most-wanted criminals’ list, was kidnapped and then killed in Phool Patti Lane, Dubai Chowk.
Following the incident, another wave of violence gripped the town of Lyari, resulting in critical bullet wounds to at least seven men in a fresh Kutchhi-Baloch clash.
As fear and tension pervaded the town, all routine activities were disrupted and suspended, and a heavy contingent of law enforcers was deployed in the area to bring the situation under control.
Police said after Rasool was gunned down, a clash erupted between two groups – apparently Kutchhi and Baloch – and heavy exchange of gunfire reverberated through the town’s streets.
The law enforcers said Rasool was believed to be a cousin of Baba Ladla, one of the main accused of the Lyari gang war.
They said Rasool was wanted by the Kalri, Baghdadi, Chakiwara and Kalakot police in a number of cases.
Local PPP leader Zafar Baloch said some people associated with the Kutchhi Rabita Council were trying to disrupt peace ahead of the PPP chairman’s visit to Lyari Town.
He said only a small number of Balochi-speaking people were involved in the clashes, and not the entire Baloch community.
He termed the fresh wave of fear and tension in the town a conspiracy against the PPP and the people of Lyari.
He said he talked to Karachi Deputy Commissioner Mustafa Jamal Kazi who had assured him that strict action would be taken against the people involved in this incident.
He confirmed the report that the PPP chairman has postponed his visit following the law and order situation created on Sunday.


  1. What else Bilawal is going to give to Liyari People His Grand pap promised to make liyri a paris ,Shahid Benazir & Zardari did nothing only produced Gangster,brought drugs now law & order i think all the Baloch of liyari should now realise & wake up

  2. Its not going to be long before Zardari ends up in Garhi Khuda Baksh and Bilalwal figures he's got more than enough money (that his dad looted) to live a better life abroad away from Pakistan.

  3. How about a little more support for BB? He has a difficult task and he needs our support, not our criticism. Also, I think if we used our two eyes to read more and learn the facts, our one set of lips would be more silent. Just a thought. Peace.

  4. How it is possible to give a peacefull life to the people of lyari, all the gangsters of lyari are working under the umbrella of PPP, who is uzair baloch, baba ladla, zubair waishi, ustad taju, mulla nisar, abdul jabbar (jango) shahid rehman, zafar baloch, sardar asif, rashid rekha, shakeel commando, etc. they all are getting instructions from ppp leaders. if ppp wants to get grip of lyari consequence first step they should take is to wash these gangsters from lyari and then give them a good constructive package then ppp will rule lyari otherwise these gangsters will give ppp real tough time. Bilawal must think about it.

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