Why ignore Balochistan?


While the poor masses are faced with ever increasing worries due to no jobs, power and gas loadsheddings, insensitivity to their real issues by the government, our political leaders are playing power games.
Most of these leaders are downright selfish, worried about their own selves and nothing else. They are not even worried about the deteriorating situation in Balochistan.
The US Congress has the guts now to openly discuss and directly interfere in our affairs after seeing the apathy of our leaders. The US, along with the Indians and Afghan rulers, are busy in aiding the insurgency in Balochistan since the Muharraf era. But I suppose no leader worth a name in Pakistan cares about this or has the courage to do something about it.
The present rulers are all busy with their power game to undo others and get a chance to rule. Why are we hesitant in talking to the Baloch leaders to find a political solution? Why are our leaders too busy in dirty power politics?