Ice Cool Dhoni downs Australia


MS Dhoni Sunday held his nerve in a tight match, to help India chase down 270 against Australia in Perth.
India beat Australia for the first time at Adelaide and it’s their first win against a Clarke-led side on this tour. It’s quite ironic looking back at the abuse Dhoni received when he was struggling, to the response now. Abuse to praise in 60 seconds.
McKay crumbles under pressure in the final over. With 13 needed, Australia would have fancied their chances but Dhoni quietly saved his best for the last over. It was a strange old knock but in end India got home in a heart-stopper.
One of the critics said, “Sucks all the life out the innings, makes me lose all faith in his ability, then nonchelantly rescues victory from the jaws of defeat. I swear Dhoni does it on purpose.”
Ms Dhoni is among the best run chasers of all times with batting avg in successful chases in minimum of 25 overs Dhoni (104.89), M Clarke (89.20), Bevan (86.25) and M Hussey (83.87).
Clarke has praised Dhoni as a very good one-day player. He added that Aussies were 10-20 short and the fielding was sloppy. Great to see Forrest get an opportunity.
Dhoni’s six was very special. The World Cup six was too but we could have done that with singles. There were a few shots Oz’s shouldn’t have played in this game so we need to work on that.