PM should write letter to Swiss authorities: Qureshi


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) vice chairman Shah Mehmmod Qureshi said on Saturday that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani should tender apology before Supreme Court of Pakistan and write letter to Swiss authorities that could lead to settlement of the issue.
Talking to media here on Saturday, the former foreign minister said the prime minister should not take the issue of writing letter as matter of ego and should not become stubborn.
Qureshi said that political parties outside the parliament should also be taken on board regarding caretaker government. The PTI wanted free and fare election, he said adding that the PTI staged big rally in Swabi KPK on Friday and would also hold a rally in Umar Kot on Feb 25.


  1. why he didnt said that when he was the foreign minister in cabinet of Gillani old opportunist feudal faces like shah mahmood qureshi and other former pml q members of pti can only harm pakistan

  2. PM K Mafi Mangnay Or Mustafi Hoonay K Imkanaaat Bohet Kum Hy !
    Kuch Arsay Phelay Altaf Hussain Ka Seeeyasi Shahadato Say Mutaliq Bayan Ahem Thaa !
    Obooori Hukooomat Per Sub Ko Attimad May Layna Lazmi Hy !

  3. Qureshi Saheb you should have given this advice a year back to your Gadi Nasheen Multani neighbour. Both of you have lived off the givings of illiteate mureeds, inspite of the fact that your personal characters lack morals and ethics. It is just an accident of birth which makes u a gadi nasheen, not your pious living, nobility or character.

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