NAB has so far not given Jeddah Town record to CDA


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has asked the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to hand the Jeddah Town project and its related records to the authority. The CDA reportedly wants to restart the construction of the housing scheme. Pakistan Today has learnt that the project was delayed as the NAB authorities had not provided the CDA the project’s record or the possession of its land as the NAB was waiting for the appointment of its new chairman. Sources in the CDA said construction work on the project was delayed as the apex court had restrained the NAB authorities from handing over the records until the appointment of its new chairman. Since the appointment of Admiral (retd) Fasih Bukhari as the NAB chairman, the CDA has sent a letter regarding handing over the land’s possession to the authority.
“CDA is now waiting for NAB’s reply on the issue. Discussions were also held between the NAB and CDA on the Jeddah town project,” said the source. A senior CDA official told Pakistan Today that a meeting between the CDA and NAB representatives is likely to be scheduled soon. In 2008, after finding enormous irregularities committed by a private firm in the development of Jeddah town, the NAB in collaboration with the CDA took possession of the housing scheme. The NAB also recovered the money laundered by Syed Muhammad Makhdoom Gilani.
The CDA was scheduled to start development work on the project but was unable to do that after failing to get the project’s record from NAB. Jeddah Town was launched in 1991 and offered 231 plots for sale over an area of 293 kanals. The Jeddah Town plan initially violated rules that state that a minimum of 800 kanals were required for the development of such a housing scheme. The project’s owners later added 507 kanals to the land already available and got a revised plan approved by the CDA.
The Jeddah Town owners were legally bound to develop the scheme within three years of its approval, but they started selling undeveloped plots to Pakistani expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, UK and UAE after receiving payment for developed plots. “Millions of rupees were extorted from over 927 expatriates. When they approached the NAB, it ordered an enquiry that resulted in arrest of the chief executive of the housing scheme, Syed Muhammad Makhdoom Gillani,” said the source.


  1. Dear Responsible officials at CDA and NAB kindly do something to resolve the long outstanding issue of Jeddah Town as lot of overseas Pakistanis' hard earned money is frozen in the shape of plots in this Housing Scheme. Kindly expedite and be blessed by Allah for good deeds.

  2. kindly please sort somthing out about jeddah town phase 2 at least we can build our houes thanks

  3. Any news about Jeddah town? There are many people in Saudi Arabia who are the victom, working in Saudi Arabia. please share if there is any new development or news.

  4. Again this is Malik Hamid how are you brothers Jummah Mubarik to all of you . A new application has been submited in NAB against Syed Makhdoom Gillani and some of his property grabbers . Remember this case is related to Phase 1 of jaddah town Islamabad. Pray for me so that i could send these evels of the society to hell thanks .salam

    I am one of the victim with all of you in " Jeddah Town " project.
    I shall appreciate if you all include me in the same and please guide me as. what to do
    or what step I should take.
    I am based now in USA.May Allah bless you all to help others.

    Iqbal Yaqub
    [email protected] or [email protected]

  6. I agree with Malik Hamid, the guy has started the same business again by bribing CDA & NAB. No one can arrest him again as long as he keep bribing. One thing I must let every one know that SM Gillani will stand in Election from Faisalabad in gerneral Election so some one very powerful person may take him and can stop. Thanks

    Nighat Cahoudry

    • i have also purchased file of jeddah town phase 2 . Rs 150000/ in 2004 and still in worry .NADEEM AHMED RAWALPINDI 03005201443

  7. I am the owner of Plot # 21, Usman block of JEDDAH TOWN & posses a sale deed, an official "registry documents, & an official "possession letter" from the owner. I am waiting to get by plot around which I had built my boundary demarcation foundation.

  8. Me and my family members are holding 16 files of jeddah town , purchased through property dealer in 2005 from the market. Each file was purchased at the rate of Rs 2,50,000. Its unfortunate that nothing has happened so far. I submitted an application in NAB also, but no result so far. Please update me, if any one has any information. My email is [email protected]
    Farrukh Jamal Raja

  9. Every one talking about Jeddah Town Phase 1 what about Phase 2 Now this matter of Jeddah Town must be resolved quickly How they will inform the people Do they have our contact numbers ?


  10. Mrs, K answer of your Q—- is NO. this might take ages to resolve the issue of Phase -2 & 3. remember we are badly confronted by corruption. come to phase -1 where innicent people have had possessions but unfortunately being dispossessed.Makhdoom Gillani has opened an accademy in Phase-1 where Land grabber are not only Graduated but hostel facilities are also abailable in phase-1.recently a newly Graduate has got an illegal possession on my Commercial Plot-No 21, but i ve got a legal stay and ve submitted a civil case against Gillani and his student Touqeer Malik.Please call me i will tell you the details. Cell No-03325581565.

    • Thanx for helping all affecties of Jeddah town, especially to me. God may bless you. I hope that this issue will been soon resolved and almost 23 years old right of fellows will be gained insha Allah. and i will also advise to others that if some one face problems in this issue should contact Malik Hamid Nawaz for best advises and wise decisions. and thankx again

  11. Dear Brs & sisters, i need you attention. i am launching a comprihensive suomoto application to the Chief Justice of Pakistan against Mahdoom Gillani regarding jaddah housing society Islamabad.My civil case against him is already in Islamabad Court.Please call me and give me your details so that i could mention all of you in that joint application.Remember, suomoto is a quickest and easiest way to put up your issue on the table.Otherwise Gillani is grabbing and selling your property again and again.I have 3 plots 1-kanal each (residential) and 1-commercial plot 9-Marlas.Please join me and call my Cell No-03325581565

  12. someone asked a question…? what is the status of Jaddah Town. my friend this is not a society anymore.Its defuncked society black listed and banned in CDA/NAB. Plots cant be transferred to each other till next order.Gillani had trsansferred all his land to his clints and now he dosnt own even a snigle inch,this was the starting of his fraud.Whereas, society ownes dont transfer the land on your names,but they only issue allotment & possession letters.If the society owner transfer his land to the members dosnt keep one marla in his name then he loses the NOC issued by CDA and society becomes illegal. So juddah housing society is a private land at the moment and plot numbers are not specified in your sale deeds.So you can grab any plot where ever you want only if you have a gun in your hand and Makhdoom Gillani in your back. call my cell 03325581565. [email protected][email protected]

  13. I have called CDA…. spoke to Shahzad Mirza (PA to the Director dealing) on phone # 925-2488. He was so kind enough to give me all the details. He confirmed that my plots exist and gave me new reference numbers. I have updated my current addresses with him. He said that they are waiting for NAB to transfer possession to them so that they can start development, however once it happened, allotties will have to pay development charges, for which they will notify all on their addresses.

    Hope this is true. However he mentioned that they are not sure how long it will take.

  14. I met with Mr. Shahzad Mirza (PA to the Director dealing) he gave me new serial number of my plot located in Jeddah town. which also exists on his computerized list.. You ppl are requested to confirm your plot existence . Therefore, I advise all fellows to to contact Mr. Shahzad Mirza 925-2488 and get updated position of your plots and also give them your own contact No. and addresses so that he can issue allotment letter of CDA to the real allottees.

  15. Dear Shakeel Ahmed….. AOA… so do you mean that they are now issuing allotment letters to all allotees? Have you received one for your plot? Do you have more updates as to if NAB has transfered records to CDA and if they are ready to start develpments etc.
    Thanks and have anice day

  16. Shakeel Ahmed saheb, AOA, Do you mean that they are now issuing allotment letters to allotees? Have you received one for your plot? And do you have more updates as to if NAB has transfered records to CDA yet and if so when CDA is going to start development etc?
    Best Regards

  17. I have talked to Shahzad Mirza, according to him they have moved file for approval of Board of Directors but uptill the decision is awaited about home much development charges are to be given.
    According to him transfers of officers and current scenario is the cause of this delay. NAB has also not yet handed over land to them due to which they are unable to plan nor write letters to the owners in this regard.

  18. hello brother how are u i am also the effectie of jeddah town pls up date me all indormation about jeddah town i also have a lot in jeddah town pls up date me withe latest information i am v thankful for every one who like to help me

  19. hello jaddah town effectees how are you….? must be waiting to be apdated regarding paradise lost, ok i Malik Hamid Nawaz keep you up dated. recently, Syed Makhdoom Gillani along with his ghundas/ goons tried to snatch the plots of innocent people of Jaddah Town Islamabad, but unfortunately, people stood up and reteliated the land mafia and finally succeeded to register the FIR against them. Details of these FIRs are as under; —-FIR No-6063 Dated 07-06-2010 Police Station SAHALA Islamabad ( against S.M Gillani and others)….FIR No-31/2012 Dated 19-02-2012 police station SAHALA Islamabad ( against S M Gallani and others)….FIR No-159/2012 Dated 02-08-2012 Police station SAHALA Islamabad ( against S M Gallani and others)…FIR No-927 Dated-04-12-2012 Police station SAHALA Islamabad (against S M Gallani and other)…………ok dear t his is enough for today please step up and file your cases.

    • where to file since i live in usa my name is ali a khan and i bought plot and paid full amount and i was given all paper work from owner of jeddah town islamad (Gilani corp)

  20. correction please FIR No-927 Dated 04-12-2012 Police Station Airport ( against S M Gillani and others) recently registered Complainent Zahid Mahmood (owner Saver Foods) vr S M Gallani and others. thanks

  21. Instead of you guys there are plenty of more victims who are not getting justification on this , i'm one of you as well . I Mean how these people are doing fraud CDA OR NAB or What ever have just sealed their mouths by getting paid ..

    -> Honestly Speaking , These people would End up one day dealing their loved one's , Could be their own blood – No trust
    & its says ; there are 927 expatriates who have been already purchased ..
    My father has purchased two plots in street 12 and street 7 , 20 years ago – He was in army there and had kept lots of hopes to get this done and build his own house ..
    But he past away – Now I being his son looking forward to deal with this issue my self , the registries are on my mothers name ..
    Kindly , If anyone can help me in this then Please do contact me
    – 03237177798 –
    [email protected]
    Or any can give me a little bit of information relating on this issue then just reply to this post of mine .
    Thanks x

    • i also bought a plot (1 kanal) from gilani corp and i was given membership letter and registry of plot since i paid full amount . My name is ali a khan, cell no 347-332-3909 usa my email add is [email protected] kindly include my name also against gilani corp (own of jeddah town islamabad my add 72 dales ave jersey city no 07308

  22. i have bought i kanal plot in jeddah town islamabad and paid full amount and i have been given registry letter. Kindly let me know if possible news about latest news

  23. I am president of Superior Services Housing society. It had purchased land approximately 1450 kanals around pind Baigowala Bhara Kahu Islamabad. Most of the land has been encroached by land mafia including a sitting PML N MNA. we have approached NAB, but no listens. Is there any SUO Motu notice possible in the matter.

    • hello brother Hasi how are you,i am malik hamid from rawalpindi. i just read your painful message. As you said MNA of PML-N. Now listen Law is silent now a days against these property grabers, but you have filed a civil suit of Possession againt the concerned and also and an application in the local police station for the FIR, before the civil suit. keep a copy of that application with you and wait for the good time. This is your record which will support you at certain stages.

  24. I am one of the victims with all of you in “Jeddah Town“ project. Please include me in the list [email protected] and [email protected] . I had paid in full; I am the owner of Plot, Abubakr block of Jeddah Town, phase-II & sale deed, an official "registry documents" from the owner.

  25. Hi Guyz,

    i have also one plot there in Ali Block Jeddah Town, is there any possibility to get itt or till now same situation before, am i have to registered the plot details to any govt. officials, kindly let me know at [email protected]

    • please send me the dietails of your plot so that so that i could be needful to you. Atleast i can tell you who has wrongfully grabed your plot and t

  26. list of the property grabbers in Jaddah housing society will be published very soon headed by Syed Muhammad Makhoom Gillani NAB Convict

  27. Dear bros and sis, i had left a very informative message for all of you regarding Jaddah Town last week but that msg has been blocked due to the unknown reasons. However, i just want to tell you that those who have plots in Jaddah Town phase-1. Please contact me as soon as possible, because time is very short and before you come to know that might be too late. Makhdoom Gillani and his kabza mafia people are illegally getting possessions on your plots and selling them to the new parties. please call my number and i will tell you the details. My number is…03325581565. Malik Hamid Nawaz

  28. I also have a plot in jeddah town. I am eager to resolve and inshaAllah do what I wish with my plot. I would be grateful for all recent updates

  29. I live in NYC and I am one of the victims of this housing scheme. If you are one the victims as well (only in USA), please feel free to send your contact information so we can discuss a course of action and perhaps file a class action lawsuits against Mr. Gilani and his colleagues in the United States. [email protected]

    • Brother Gallani has already faced the sentence and now free, but at his absence some local mafia has grabed the plots from the allotees by using fake documents on gun point. If your plot was in phase – 1 must be captured and if phase-2 then safe because phase 2 is a junghle and non-developed area. let me know the details of your plot and i can tell you the current status from Head office through my sources. thanks

  30. can somebody let me know the real status of our plots at Jeddah Town, Islamabd ?
    how we can check with CDA personnel / website if our plot is listed in their record.
    kindly mail me at my email ID [email protected]


  31. I am Zubair from Islamabad, I have booked a plot in Jeddah Town, Phase 2 in 2004. Many applications submitted to NAB regarding the fraud of Makhdoom Gillani. NAB did not took any action, then I had submitted an application to Wafaqi Mohtasib (Federal Ombudsman) in 2010 regarding the fraud of Makhdoom Gillani and highlight the role of CDA and NAB (Govt. departments) they did not help the people effected by the project.

    After correspondence and hearings of appeal the Judge announced the Judgment that “If NAB releases the ceased amount of Jeddah Town to CDA then CDA will think to start the development of project”. And I feel this judgment is like saying "Inna Lilla Hi Wa Inna Elahi Raji Oon".

    It has been 3 years now and if NAB releases the funds to CDA now, the development cost is raised upto 300 times due to de-value of money, project not viable, again they will charge development and other charges from alloties.

    Besides this NAB and CDA don’t have any record / data of Jeddah Town, Phase 2 members quoted by Director Planning CDA, Asique Ali Ghori.

    Govt. department ki waja se Pakistan main fraud kar na koi muskil nahi

  32. Congratulations:
    for all efecties Jedah Town Phase I and phase II. a settlement is undergoing very soon in between Mr. Gelani and NAB. agreements are on final stages. We hope we will receive pending allotment letters for phase-II. and development work is going to start soon.
    for further info contact mr. gelani 0342-7865445

  33. i think we all are not praying properly thats y our tears cant be seen and our cries our not answered. where as these , so called Property grabbers ( qabza group) are better Muslims. Remember the day of judgement these people might go to the Haven also , because we might have committed bigger sins than , Gillani , Malik Touqeer , Mehmood , Raoof Abbasi , Babar Ali , Malik Zia , Jannat sher khan Afridi, and many more. You all remember when ever you Pray keep these names in your mind and beg to Allah please bless all of us and also be mercy full on these people.

  34. does anyone know if the NBA have handed the required documents/records/files over to the CDA?

    • please contact NAB immediately and produce your original document they are taking immediate action against the qubza group as well as the owner of jeddah town housing scheme

  35. I am also an effectie of Jeddah town phase-2, Still waiting for some good news. Any latest news kindly share.
    Please inform me the market value of phase 1 and phase 2 plots even though phase 2 plots are not alloted yet.
    Contact : 0345-5206855

  36. I m too effectee of jeddah town phase2. I had peurchased several files through agents on the recommendations of some *good* brothers for investment. I live in malaysia.pls include me in the list.hoping and praying for the best and fearing for the worst.may Allah swt help us. Aameen
    My email is [email protected] and mg cell no. Is +60122117786.
    Jazakallahu khairan

  37. I am Muhammad Iqbal Rana from Manchester UK .I am also a victim of this Gilani.He advertised in uk tv channels and robed so many peoples money.
    Plesae guide if you can how to get our money back.
    my contact number is 00447961154407 and email is [email protected]
    Muhammad Iqbal Rana

  38. in the above mentioned article it is clearly stated "The NAB also recovered the money laundered by Syed Muhammad Makhdoom Gilani" but we(allotee) haven't received any information/letter from NAB to contact the concerned official in NAB for recovery of our money .I am holding 05 open files of jeddah town , purchased through property dealer in 2005. Each of the files was purchased at the rate of Rs 2,50,000. Its unfortunate that nothing has happened so far despite my repeated queries and applications to the concerned department in NAB. Kindly update me, if any one has any latest information. My email is [email protected].

    Dr. Aamir Khattak

  39. I purchased a plot back in 1994 when they were advertising on UK channels, to date still no possession or development if anyone can help me with any useful information it will be appreciated. I am currently residing in UK.
    Kamran Bhatti
    email: [email protected]
    Mob 00447500901036

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