Victoria Beckham: Designer to the Stars


Just over three years ago, Victoria Beckham debuted her fashion collection at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews. Now, as she returns to the spot where it all began, the former Spice Girl seems to have the world at her feet. Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz are among the celebrities reportedly clamouring to have Beckham “dress” them for Hollywood’s biggest night, the Oscars.
The UK’s Daily Mail reported that Beckham is working “day and night” to meet the demand. Her quick rise comes as no surprise to industry insiders as Victoria is the only Spice Girl who is not thought of as a Spice Girl. Other celebrities who have worn Beckham’s dresses include Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively, Mary J. Blige and Elle Macpherson. Beckham is unveiling her latest collection at New York Fashion Week.


  1. You do not have acknowledged this, however Victoria Beckham is very extraordinary. Absolutely no, I admit, you figured out that Posh Spice was unbelievable, therefore you most likely thought that Victoria produced several genuinely fine outfits, there is however a small probability which you were unaware that Victoria Beckham is quite an great human being. The woman stated: "I was never ever a purely natural. I have been there lastly due to the fact I actually did feel that in the event you give your very best more than enough, then you may attain very much."
    On her breasts implants: "I don't hold them now." A little break: "I believe I could have paid for these." After which exactly what? this lady is questioned. Does your busts just simply go out? "Or they went taken out, one or maybe the other," this lady claims. You detached the implants? "Yeah," this lady responds with happiness. Given that they harm you? "No," indicates Beckham.

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