Varsity officials involved in immoral activities on campus


Two separate incidences of immoral activities were reported at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) a few months back, Pakistan Today has learnt.
These incidents surfaced after similar cases were reported at the Quaid-i-Azam University.
On January 20, an Economics Department professor, whose name has the initials AJ, was allegedly caught red-handed by students while engaging in immoral activities with an MS.c final year student (S) in his office.
Sources said the matter was later reported to the university rector’s office. However, the university administration did not take any serious action against the professor and hushed up the matter.
They added that the IIUI administration transferred Prof AJ to another position. When the faculty members came to know of the incident, they expressed their concerns to the varsity officials. The administration then provided a safe passage to the professor and he was sent to the National Management Research Centre Chak Shahzad on deputation.
The sources also said a group of students had captured footage of Prof AJ and S on their cameras from a ventilator in the professor’s office.
The students later blackmailed Prof AJ and obtained a hefty amount of money in exchange for their silence.
IIUI Vice President Professor Sajid-ur-Rehman said: “Yes we heard the issue of Dr AJ but we do not have any proof that would give us grounds to proceed against him as no one was ready to come forward with a written complaint against the professor.”
He stated that a couple of weeks ago, Dr AJ along with his department’s dean visited the VP’s office and said some students were leveling allegations against him and falsely accusing him of being involved in the incident.
“I asked the professor to lodge a written complaint so that we could proceed against the students but he did not submit the complaint. Later, he left the university to join the National Agriculture Research Centre,” Rehman added.
Despite frequent attempts, the accused AJ did not respond to the correspondent’s calls. The other incident surfaced two months back, in which Chief Librarian Chaudhry Rafiq engaged in immoral activities with two of his female subordinates.
The incident was captured by hidden security cameras placed in the university’s library.
In this case too, the university administration kept silent on the issue and took action only when pressurised by the university students.
Sources said the chief librarian regularly engaged in illicit affairs with female staff members and added that one staffer had refused his advances and informed her parents about the incident.
Her parents later approached the Higher Education Commission and the Prime Minister’s Secretariat and demanded that strict action be taken against the librarian.
Acting on the directions of the PM’s Secretariat, Islamabad Police Special Branch also visited the university to probe the incidents. The HEC also directed the IIUI’s administration to hold enquiries into the incidents.
IIUI Vice President said the chief librarian and two staff members had been found guilty of the allegations and were dismissed from service. He also confirmed that the HEC had directed the IIUI to probe the matter.
Contrary to the VP’s claims, University Staff Welfare Association President Chaudhry Nazir said in both the cases the university administration showed criminal negligence. “The IIUI administration itself provided Dr AJ a safe passage for joining the NARC. In the case of the librarian’s immoral activities, IIUI took action only when the HEC and PM Secretariat directed it,” he said. Sources said in both the cases, Administration Director Raja Khalid and Personnel Director Tamraz Aslam played important roles to cover up the issues.
It is relevant to note here that during the last year two cases of harassment of female students were also reported in the Quaid-e-Azam University.
QAU Examinations Controller Sardar Babar and Information Technology Department lecturer Noor-ul-Mustafa were dismissed after the allegation leveled against them by female students were proved to be true.
Talking with Pakistan Today, HEC Executive Director Dr Sohil Naqvi said the HEC had a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment cases in the public sector universities and any cases reported were investigated fully and strict action taken against the accused.


  1. This was waiting to happen,if you guys watch too much Hollywood and Bollywood films…, Pakistan Taliban should immediately take action….against this cultural degradation…As an Indian I recommend, you should close all Universities in Pakistan, ban Hollywood and Bollywood films and get good Madarsas with intelligent people bearing moral character (like Osama & Mulla Umer & Zaid Hamid)…Science and technology should be it is a hoax……Unfortunately we cant do it now in India…we have crossed our limits ( India is no longer in stone age)

  2. girls are harrased by men at every level everywhere either by force or with consent. so what should we do??? there should be separate institutions for girls where only female teachers allowed to teach or girls should not b allowed to go out of their homes?

  3. hahahahhaha 2 all of ur comments i m a graduate from that uni and i m so sorry and ashamed to say k is uni main b baqion ki tarah sharab charas londay bazi ,, aslaha,, girls hostel main b sharab charas,, lesbians is sub ko to goli marioi night k liy prostitutes sub milta hay aur operrrrrrrrrrrrrr tak hissa jata hay ch. nazir sahab ka comment parh k aur hassi aayi ch sahab tub aap kahan thay jub aap ki uswa k general secratary Ch. asif sahab n bba department k teachers muree main 4 larkion ka 1 week tak rape kartay rahay n made 1 of them pregnant,,, us waqt kahan thay jub admin block k washrooms main aap ka 1 worker rangauy hathon pakra gaya tha,,,,, har aisi uni ki prostitutes sub say mahngi and highclass gentry main jati hay and every God damn authority knows about it,,,,,,,if any 1 think k by breaking ths news he can stop all that i m willing to gv all the names of persons involved in that plus i can guide him to caught them red handed or silently get prroofed…………………

  4. its alarming situation for female students who are getting education in these Universities. All person who involve in this crime should be hanged so that no one can dare to do this kind of act again.

  5. If two adults are engaged in such activities with their own wishes, unfortunately there is no legal grounds. Morally yes, Uni should take actions for such activities according to University rules. Teacher certainly breaching his position of trust.

  6. iiui economics graduate now working in a bank, i shocked when i heard this news from my colleague. i studied from Dr jabbar and idealize him, it was unbelievable. i contacted a friend in iiie last week to confirm this news. they told me the whole background that it is just a fake story and that's why they used library scandal just to degrade dr jabbar. shame on those who used a great man for the sake of their selfish objectives. library scandal was true but the news about economics teacher is a fake story. you can confirm it from iiie

  7. it is a v good step to point out faults at such higher level but it is possible that someone have just their personal interest behind this all because after reading this paper i come to the conclusion that why just AJ not full name,why teachers of economics deptt. not their names,,,,, but some persons have been given with their full identity ….. is their some problem in taking all names except than a few,,,,,, n the most important thing is the overall all activities of this university,,,,,which are undoubtedly better than all other universities of pakistan……. S.S Mandokhail

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