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13,000 websites blocked for ‘obscenity’, NA told

Authorities have blocked 13,000 “obscene” websites and are taking more steps to prevent the spread of such materials through the internet, the National Assembly was told on Friday.
Parliamentary Secretary for Information Technology Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan made the remarks while responding to a call attention notice in the National Assembly. It is a serious issue and we are trying to address it,” Liaqat Ali Khan said.
A ministerial committee and a sub-committee had been formed to look into the matter. Liaqat Ali Khan expressed concern at what he described as the “rapid spread of obscene websites” and said the government currently has no mechanism to block all these websites.
“However, we take action on receiving a complaint. We are trying to devise a mechanism,” he said. Though China and India have installed an “automated filtration system”, such measures are very costly, he said. Even if such a system is installed in Pakistan, authorities will not be able to block all objectionable websites, he said. Most of these websites are based outside Pakistan and authorities were unable to take action against them or penalise them, he said.
After a string of cases were filed in courts across Pakistan against blasphemous and pornographic contents on the internet, authorities last year began blocking websites.

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  1. Sani Ahmed said:

    why block something that vents the pakistani publics frustrations, this is going to have an even worse effect on them now 😛

  2. Muhammad Bin Naveed said:

    Yeah the street hooker business is about to gain MAJOR ground. And then we’ll see a resurgence of ZIA era moral policing.

    Welcome to Pakistan – ZIA REDUX

    • Maya Khan said:

      yeah very good decision now when furstrated men see you theyll be twice as aroused very nice. Sick of this moral policing. And people who agree with this what is moral, If someone indulges in watching obscenity it does not effect you.

  3. HaMźậ Ǡĥmëď said:

    but wht abt to spread awarness in them ???first change the teaching system of PAkistan now adays students that failed to clear matric exams are teaching in schools then wht u expect form the newer generation to learn…

    • P S said:

      You should start working on your English grammar ….if you cant spell INDIA…Dont give advice if you are one of them..

  4. mica said:

    its some thing impossible to block everything its era of technology………just shut down the internet………then it may be possible

  5. Kashif said:

    Why not educated people?
    Why do the government, parhe likhe jaahil, and utter idiots try to control everyone else?
    Live and let live, and educate everyone about what's right and what's wrong rather than enforcing your point of view onto them.

  6. P S said:

    OMG….One more section of Pakistan engaged in peacefully watching porn and practicing them will have nothing to do.!…in the absence of an alternate job,,,they may become Terrorists…

  7. Linx Promos Promotional Products(Corporate Gifts, giveaways, souvenir ), Branding, Printing said:

    this steps really make the good difference in pakistan…

  8. azhar said:

    goood… hope to see that PTA will instruct all the internet proivdeers to block these sites

  9. humzah said:

    Lol. If anyone thinks this going to HELP anyone is anyway, it won't. Such material is available in all other countries but the fault doesn't lie in the makers of the website alone. It's the people of a country who are MENTALLY sick and frustrated. As if blocking sites would remove that. Morons

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