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Saif Group of Companies chairman joins PTI

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that corruption is the main problem of Pakistan, and PTI will make reforms and give a prosperous Pakistan to the nation. He was talking at the joining ceremony of Jehangir Saifullah Khan at his residence here Wednesday.
Jehangir Khan is the chairman of Saif Group of Companies and son of Javed Saifullah Khan. He belongs to a veteran politician family of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa with three parliamentarians in his family, including his uncles Senator Saleem Saifullah Khan, MNA Humayun Saifullah Khan and MPA Anwar Saifullah Khan.
On the occasion, Imran Khan demanded of the rulers to resign from the government because they have failed to deliver. He said that PTI was the first party which presented the idea of an independent judiciary and refused to accept the ‘War on Terror’ as Pakistan`s war. He welcomed the new comer into the party.
Jehangir Saifullah Khan, while talking at the ceremony, announced joining the PTI formally. He said that Pakistan is full of natural resources and still we are lacking electricity. If these resources are used properly we can overcome the power crisis.
He informed Imran Khan about the problems of the southern districts of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. He told the party chairman that the people of the southern Khyber Pukhtunkhwa are kept backward answering to which Imran Khan said that the PTI will resolve all the problems of Southern Khyber Pukhtunkhwa on emergency basis once it comes into power.

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    • Amir said:

      PML-N can never win support of educated people because they themselves are illerate. so forget about social media sites. Do whatever you can, but now you have lost your chance. Even if you give laptops :p

  1. rahimuddin said:

    all politicians are joining pti ………………to change the country

  2. fareed shah said:

    imran you are greatest leader in the history. i always pray for your life and hate your enemies nawaz sharied and shahbaz sharief.

  3. Nazir K Ali said:

    Let us pray that all these new comers have a soft heart towards the poor and needy. Will they be able to impart the necessary ideas, plans and implementations to develop the country without begging for loans, aid and handouts? This is a moot point and bluster will not get PTI anywhere.
    What the PTI needs is someone like Mustafa Kamal of the Muttaheda. Salams

  4. Abdul said:

    Jehangir Saifullah is not a politician.Even though many politicians have joined Noon league who also claim to bring change but you have no objection over that.This shows your inner hatred for Imran Khan.Whatever he does, you will always dislike him as you have already made up your mind.

  5. Jamshed Ali Khan said:

    I personally dont know this man but know his family members very well esp the 3 parliamentarians who are the most corrupt and hypocrites people. His family has done nothing in politics except making money and bringing backwardness to the southern KP esp to the Marwat region.

    • sana said:

      mr.jhahangir s khan not leader even a very rod and cruel man.just watch him by near.

    • Tom said:

      Do you have any idea what you are talking about? What nonsense.

  6. M. Ahmed said:

    This is the lucky family of Lucky Marwat ard indeed the rest are very unlucky people. Thats Pakistan!

  7. Safdar said:

    Yes that's what Pakistan is unfortunately. Great place for lucky few. But this is what IK promises to change. May Allah keep him alive and keep him true to his words and mission.

  8. Mamoon Khan said:

    He is educated son of a good and prominent family that has done substantial development work in South KP especially in water and education sectors. I hope the new generation uses their skills properly for uplift of nation. good luck and welcome to PTI.

    • Shahbaz Khan said:

      I agree to Mamoon Khan's comment. PTI will have a confirmed victory if Jehangir Saifullah Khan is given ticket for Lakki Marwat constituency.

      • Muzaffar Khan said:

        i agree with shahbaz great royal family of pakistan

  9. Farman said:

    I am sure PTI will easily win seats in Lakki Marwat if ticket is given to Saifullah family. They are highly influential and respected family in KPK.

  10. Abdullah said:

    Imran Khan (PTI) Conform the seat of Jhangir Saifullah Khan in Lakki Marwat.

    • Muzaffar said:

      you mean Jehangir saifullah confirm seat of Imran khan great family

    • Farid said:

      jehangir saifullah conform imran seat

  11. Ehsanullah Marwat said:

    This is a great news for PTI and Pakistan that Jangir Saifullah joins PTI. He is educated young man of old respectful family of pakistan. he will make PTI strong.

  12. Bilal Rafiq said:

    Great news for pti this entry will be make PTi more mazbooth and strong

  13. Sarah said:

    Hey sorry but I do not think Imran Khan is fit to be a politician!!! He is good as a cricketer not politician!!!!!!! And Jehangir Saifullah is the only Saifullah to join PTI… The main family members : salim Saifullah khan is in PML and Anwar Saifullah is in PPPP….:-)) but I do hope that Pakistan gets a great president. InshaAllah!

  14. Fawad said:

    I agree with u Sarah. Good point. We all pray that pakistan get a good president. InshaAllah.

  15. John said:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaa… Lol… You guys are weird pakistanis!!

  16. Sarah said:

    Thank you fawad, I appreciate it!!! And John, I don't think you have anything to do with this.. So pls go and mind yournown business….!!

  17. Hamza said:

    @Jamshed Ali Khan: I think the Saifullah family is a great family that is trying to help Pakistan become a great country!

    • Ikramullah Khan Adv. said:

      I agree with youself. very old family we are supporter since first election in 1935 very good big heart people

    • Laila Sarwar said:

      i agree with you Hamza. It is great and best family of Pakistan and International.

    • Tauqir Malik said:

      I agree Hamza. Jamshed is totally wrong

    • Ishraat Wahaab said:

      I agree with you hamza 100%. they are great people who have done lot of development work

  18. Hanif Marwat said:

    This is great news. Saifullah family is a great family, who help the poor people of Pakistan. This is great news for PTI and Pakistan. Jehangir Saifullah is good and humble person, and is grand son of Khan Saifullah Khan also Khan Naimatullah Khan, two towering personalties of our area.

  19. Ikramullah Khan Adv. said:

    Saifullah khandaan Zindaaaabaad humaisha. PTI zindaabaad this is very good news saifulalh family is great family who help poor and needyes people and have 0 corrouption record jehangir khan great man we pray for success of jehangir khan saifullah family

  20. Hassan said:

    I agree with everyone that the Saifullah family is a great family. MashaAllah. But, somehow i feel Imran Khan will lose the elections! Sorry!!

  21. Muzaffar said:

    Great news for PTI that someone like Jehangir Saifullah Khan has decided to join. They are royal family lakki and pakistan.

  22. Faridullah Marwat said:

    A great news . Jehangir khan conform seat of pti in lakki

  23. Anwar Khan said:

    Great Khan of Ghazni Khel PTI will have hope now in lakki

  24. Hukam Khan said:

    Only hope for PTI in Southern Disctrict is Jehangir Saifullah Khan. Good news for PTI It is a good and respected family

  25. Mirzali Marwat said:

    Jehangir Saifullah can confirm 100 % seat of PTI in lakki marwat and can improve position of pti in d i khan tank bannu kohat division. they are very old and respected family of south of Kyber PakhtoonKhwa

  26. Laila Sarwar said:

    Saifullah family most educated and enlightened family of Pakistan and the world. They are geniune people among elite who care for poor and downtrodden.

  27. Zulfiqar Tajazai said:

    Great person Jehangir Saifullah khan. Great for PTI

  28. Tauqir Malik said:

    Saifullah family best family of Pakistan in old pre-1947 families. They are wonderful and honest people all of them. I don't know Jehangir, but being from Saifullah family i am sure he is also a capable and committed to the cause of the poor. Saifullah family has done maximum for poor people in Pakistan

    • Jahan Khan said:

      Malik, they r chor dakoo who have looted our wealth and kept in 34 offshore accounts. this family needs to be put behind bars.

  29. Shahid Marwat said:

    Saifullah family great family of KPK. They are highly qualified, and have done lot for KPK in particular South KPK.

  30. Ishraat Wahab said:

    Saifullah family can really make PTI strong and further Imran Khan's cause.

  31. Shaukat Hayat Marwat said:

    Salim Saifullah is a proud and capable politician of KPK and Pakistan. Begum Kusloom Saifullah Khan, and Barrister Saifullah Khan were stalwarts of Independence movement. Jehangnir Khan, being the nephew of Salim Saifullah and grandson of Saifullah Khan and Begum Sahiba will have hopefully inherited their skills, their love for the poor, their developmental form of politics, their vision and intellectual brilliance. Saifullahs have done lots of development work in their area while in government, and also when not in government. They have also contributed to good causes and policies all over Pakkistan

  32. Simin Fazal Khan said:

    Saifullah family is a great family of Pakistan that always think of the country first. Kulsum Saifullah Khan, Salim Saifullah etc are all our national heroes and champions. We hope Jehangir Saifullah Khan will follow in their footsteps.

    • Jahan Khan said:

      Miss Simin…why r they hiding money in offshore accounts??? they have 34 companies in offshore to hide black money…they r corrupt and deserve to be in jail.

  33. Jahan Khan said:

    anwer and saleem Saifullah's are extremely corrupt. They are money launderers and tax evaders. They have the most companies in panama leaks. this is the height of corruption. they all should be put in jail…

  34. Jahan Ali said:

    just from their faces they look corrupt to the core, money launderers and tax evaders. put them in jail. bring pakistan's money back.

  35. Ghulam Hamid said:

    Saifullah family is a great family of Pakistan and Lakki Marwat. Salim Saifullah Khan did a lot of works for the area, so did Anwar Saifullah Khan provide jobs to people. Their mother Begum Kulsoom Saifullah Khan helped many needy and poor people, and was very active since independence movement against British. Jehangir, I am sure being their nephew is able and capable, and will not disappoint. Good for PTI.

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