Lahore medicine factory collapse: Man rescued from rubble after 47 hours


A man was retrieved on Wednesday from the rubble of a collapsed three-storey drug company after 47 hours, while several others are still believed to be trapped under the debris. The death toll with the recovery of another dead body today surged to 21.
According to details, a man named Ghulam Abbas was rescued after 47 hours and was shifted to hospital for treatment. He told that there could be some children still trapped under the rubble as he had heard their voices. On the other hand, one more body was recovered on Wednesday, pushing the toll to 21.
Three-storey building of a pharmaceutical company collapsed due to boiler explosion on Monday morning. Three other houses alongside the building were also razed. Rescue work is continuing for 45 hours but the teams were facing
severe difficulty in carrying out the rescuing operation through heavy machines due to narrow lanes and lack of adequate machinery.
Police has registered the case against two brothers, Shaikh Zaheer and Shaikh Zafar, who are owners of the factory and arrested factory manager Muneer.


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