CSS exam and age


How long will the CSS aspirants, the upper age limit affectees, keep suffering and no one at the helm of the government will respond to them? Appeals to the president, prime minister and chairman FPSC through the print media have yielded no positive result whatsoever. Many CSS aspirants having Masters and higher degrees in possession are unable to take the CSS examination and have been suffering from the worst depression because they are witnessing their talent, time and dream all going down the drain due to the oppressive policy of the FPSC with respect to age.

Time and again it was elaborated by many that enhancing the age limit in the CSS exam will have an exceedingly positive impact once the age bracket is widened for the contenders. On one hand, the prevailing sense of despair in the graduates and post-graduates will be allayed and on the other hand educationally better and academically competent people will get a chance to come forward to serve their country.

The cloud of despair is hanging so large and dark over the educated youth in Pakistan that they have begun to look towards foreign countries for job security and financial prosperity because in their own country they are abandoned and rejected despite their abilities and potential to play pivotal roles in their country’s future.

I request the authorities concerned to take notice, to show some compassion towards the disillusioned CSS aspirants battling their fates by relaxing the CSS age limit up to 35 years so that their failing hopes could find a destiny and their falling spirits could be restored back in shape.