Ban on music concerts


Punjab Assembly had unanimously decided to ban objectionable music concerts in schools. This was a very right decision as such objectionable music is known to have resulted in havoc in various countries by religious people, who consider such music to lead some young people to commit heinous crimes against women and even small children, ending in their killing to avoid being exposed.

Indeed such heinous crimes have risen considerably in Pakistan in recent times, primarily due to such objectionable music and obscene TV shows including prolonged ads, invariably showing beautiful girls with scanty dress in utter violation of the divine dress code of all holy scriptures, especially that of the Holy Quran.

It is therefore not understood why this decision was reversed, under the hue and cry of some, so-called freethinkers, who are trying to encourage such free life of the West in Pakistan. Needless to remind that suicide bombings are most likely to occur, if such tendency continues, in clear violation of religious injunctions, especially the divine dress codes, thus inviting such people to react.

In view of the above, it is advisable to avoid such violation of divine injunctions and to appoint strict censure on TV programmes and TV ads. Apart from this, in view of the shortage of electricity, TV transmissions and cable operations should be curtailed within reasonable day and night time, preferably from 6AM to 10PM with break between 1PM to 5PM. Such measures will save sufficient power consumption.




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