Lahore IT tower to be named after Arfa Karim: Nawaz


PML-N chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday distributed hundreds of free laptops among students during a ceremony here in Multan. On the occasion, he also announced that Lahore’s IT tower would be named after Arfa Karim, the computer prodigy who died last month.
Addressing the ceremony, attended by hundreds of students, the PML-N chief hailed his brother Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for his ‘tireless efforts’ to promote education in the province, despite hurdles.
“The credit of this success goes to Shahbaz Sharif and the Punjab government,” he said.
The former prime minster said that he would hold talks with Shahbaz about instituting an engineering university in Multan, the home town of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani.
He announced that three lakh more free laptops would be given to talented students of the province after June this year, claiming that “computers are being distributed purely on merit and without any discrimination”.
“We are leading our generations to the age of laptops, steering the students out from the age of selates. This is what PML-N has been carrying on since 1990 and it’s only we who are thinking for next 20 years,” Sharif asserted.


  1. Only our great leader Nawaz Sharif has a vision for Pakistan, he is donating laptops to deserving poor students from his own money. What can pagal khan do except beg students for money??

    • My friend, we appreciate your love for sharif.
      Sharif and family clan has ruled Punjab for last 25 years and what have they done for public ? Giving free lap tops here and there, the world has changed.
      We do NOT need free lap tops
      We do NOT need anything free.
      We need respect, education system, justice system, health system, and clean environmnet policies and be able to compete globally with our economy, and lead the sub-continent, empowering our people.

      In pakistan there is no place for Sharif family or other familly run political parties like PPP. They should either be put into jail corrution or leave the country. End of story.

  2. hahaha already billions of rupees in deficit, the Punjab government will use public money to promote their leadership…… Keep it up

  3. I am afraid some day they (all politicians) are going to rename the entire country Arfastan. There is nothing special about passing Microsoft exam.

  4. handing out 3-4 lac laptops among those (who probably already have thier own personal computers) in the ELECTION YEAR to "promote education" in a province where in schools on average only 15 minutes of education takes place in a week!!!!!!!! Oh yes, how could I forget DANISH SCHOOLS scam. They are true VISIONARY LEADERS (may Allah save us from them)

    For all punjabians, pls take these laptops – this is the only thing we will get in return of our taxes.

  5. laptops are being distributed purely on MERIT BASIS…….hahaha…. now D Brothers will copy IK' statement re merit…:) Why do not they just take couple of leadership classes from IK rather than copying him in all statements/ strategies. Good thing is that he is at least following someone who has a vision.

  6. The tower was built none other than by President Pervaiz Musharaf , when Pervaiz Elahi was Chief Minister of Punjab. Should Pervaiz Elahi be taken as right when he says that Mian Brothers have done nothing except placing their name plates on projects which were completed or initated by them?


  7. these laptop are just for votes…..

    tell me please what impact they will on the youth..
    a student with degree have not job ,,, what will he do with laptop
    nothing research in the university. they will chat and use face book and waste time

  8. Laptop is vey good thing and will a revolution in IT education and skills. Those making noise are rich fellows and should be ignored. If a poor guy gets laptop on merit, what is harm with this? Every govt should do this.

    • Akram bhai,
      Yes free lap top is not a bad thing. But our priorities are up side down. We have all system in education, health, and etc. in collapse. People like Sharif, who have built factories and big businesses with public money and no qualification to be a politician have no more room in our country. Sharif family has ruled Punjab for 25 years what difference have they made. We don't even have gas to cook our food, at least many AFrican countries are better than us by that measure.
      Please stand up for juctice and truth. And join the revolution.

  9. you all just wasting your time arguing here nothing will happen with this discussion what they did and what they will………..
    Jasi awam wasay hukmaran han

  10. Shahbaz Sharif done such a great work.someone take it as corrupted work but i'm not this way pakistan will become great power of I.T in the whole world.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Atleast tower is named after a Genious Girl .. whats wrong with that? ..its not named as Sharif tower or Benazir tower.. Every thing in that country is named after two of them roads, Airport, bridges, Hospital. even road side Kulfai is also BeNazir Kulfai :)) that keeps reminding general public how bad their rulers were..

  12. Is Ka Sahi Kisi Ko B Nhi Pata Chala k Is Ko Kis Kaam K li Istamaal Kiya Jay Gha or Nahi Koi Jobs Ya Is Tarah Ka Abi Tak Koi Faida Hua Hay

  13. Kya Baat Hay Itni Dayr ho Ghai Hay Laykan Abi Tak koi kuch Nhi soch Raha IT Tower K Baray Main
    Koi Kahta hay yahan licence banay jain Ghay koi Kahta Hay yana oficer hon ghay to phir IT Tower Hi kyu Kaha Jata Hay

  14. this is a good step to promote education and students will be courageous to get laptops if any politician spend money for betterment of youth it is big step i think carry on pml-n

  15. giving laptops is the solution of the whole problem… we need electricity , chandaa light hogi to laptop chaley ga naaa…
    aur logon k pas khaney ko nahn hey … laptop ka kya achhaarr dalengey yaa bhuk k waqt pait me dalen gey…
    we need job… on merit.. laptop hm kudh hi buy kr lengey.. nawaz sahib hme jobs deden wo mehrbani hogi inki..
    i'm a honest PML(N) supporter but before that I'm a Pakistani..

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