FC turns down police request to secure Margalla Hills


The Frontier Constabulary has turned down the Islamabad police request to deploy FC troops at the Margalla Hills. FC cited shortage of troops as the reason for refusing to provide security. It is relevant to note here that a few days back, intelligence agencies warned the Islamabad police that terrorists might launch a missile attack on important city buildings from the Margalla Hills in an attack similar to the hit in Kakul on the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).
The intelligence agencies gleaned the information from terrorists, who were arrested from Taxila for their alleged involvement in the attack at the PMA Kakul Academy.
During the investigations, the terrorists said two of their aides were hiding in the Margalla Hills and planned to target sensitive installations from there. Upon receiving the said information the law enforcement agencies beefed up security of Margalla Hills. Currently, Rangers and the Islamabad police are performing security duties at the hills. Police sources told Pakistan Today that the police had asked the FC personnel stationed in Islamabad to take control of the Margalla foothills.
A senior FC officer said on condition of anonymity: “Yes, we refused the police’s request for deployment. We are under-staffed and all our personnel are already engaged in providing security to VIPS, VVIPS and at the Diplomatic Enclave,” he said. Currently, 35 FC Platoons are stationed in Islamabad. Every Platoon has 35 to 40 officers. A source in the FC said 11 platoons are deployed in the Diplomatic Enclave, 1 at Faryal Talpur’s house, 2 at the helipad near Shakarparian, 1 at the National Police Academy, 1 at the KPK house among other important places.


  1. It is important that the terrorists are not allowed to smuggle in weapons and improvised explosives into the capital.

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