Baloch minister resigns over Domki family killing


Balochistan Minister without portfolio, Nasreen Rahman Khaithran from the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) on Monday announced her resignation as provincial cabinet member in protest over the murder of the women of MPA Bakhtiyar Domki’s family in Karachi on January 31. Nasreen made the announcement during a press conference at Quetta Press Club. Nasreen Khaithran, elected in direct election on a PML-Q ticket, expressed her concern over the situation in Balochistan and said, “Earlier, Baloch youth were being targeted, but now even women are being targeted.” She said targeting women and children is not only against Baloch and Islamic customs but also against humanity.
She said Balochistan Assembly lawmakers had staged walkouts and passed a resolution to condemn the killing but nothing had come of it. She said that in the circumstances, as a woman member of the assembly, she felt obliged to resign from her so-called ministry. She said she had been minister without department for four years but worked to serve the people of Balochistan. “I await the Chief Minister’s decision to accept my resignation,” she said.