PTI UK leadership changed


Upholding merit and democracy in the party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf election committee removed its UK coordinator Rabia Zia after she lost confidence of the party workers. Rabia, a close friend of Imran Khan, has been sidelined by the party election committee for her alleged failure to organise the party and remove the grievances of party workers across the UK, sources told Pakistan Today.
On demands of party workers in the UK, Hamid Khan, senior vice president and chairman of the PTI election committee conducted election and 850 party members took part in the process to elect new office bearers for the eight zones of the party in the UK. According to the results announced by Hamid Khan, Asim Khan was elected the PTI London president, Saeed Ahmad for East of England, Asim Basra for southeast, Dr Sabreena Razzaq for southwest, Amer Chisti for northwest, Asif Khan for Yorkshire and Humber and Akram Dhareeja was elected president for East Midlands.
A party source told Pakistan Today that committed workers of the party were elected in a transparent manner and appreciated the election committee for holding free and fair intra-party elections in the UK. He also welcomed the committee decision to remove PTI UK coordinator, a move he said would help unite the party in the UK. The election committee decision to abolish the post of party coordinator and dividing the UK into eight zones had annoyed Rabia Zia. Rabia became controversial for running a one-woman show for the last few years. She had set up a separate group in the party and refused to accept the new PTI body in the UK.


  1. PTI- It is only a matter of time before you run the country but don`t betray the people of Pakistan like the PPP and PML.

  2. This Saeed Ahmed very fraudy character. In Birmingham he corrupt man!

    I distrust this PTI selection with this type of person in office.

  3. Only 453 member went in to election majority abstained from election, UK need new election where all 2000 paid voter participate in to election. UK need new election immanently so we can unite the PTI as grouping will damage the party

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