I-10 Sector deprived of basic facilities


Though the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is focusing much on the development of new sectors in federal capital for facilitating the citizens but it seems reluctant to end the troubles being faced by the residents of old sectors like Sector I/10 due to its negligent attitude towards ensuring basic amenities in the areas.
The Sector I-10 is perhaps the least ‘developed’ sector in federal capital that touched Pir Wadhai, and Khayaban-e-Sir Syed areas of Rawalpindi bisecting IJ Principal Road. Majority of the residents living in this sector are middle-lower class and they blame the indifferent attitude of CDA and ICT administration for their ‘step-motherly’ treatment with this sector which is even deprived of basic facilities.
“Gas shortage in winter and power outages in summer is a routine matter here while water scarcity is another problem that the residents are suffering from for the last many years. Besides, poor law and order situation, environmental pollution, lack of educational and health facilities, non-availability of street-lights at night, encroachments in I-10 Markaz (Main Market), lack of play grounds, library, community centre, and dilapidated roads and pavements are some of the problems that residents of the locality have brought into the notice of concerned high-ups time and again but nothing tangible has been done so far,” Sardar Hamza, resident of I-10/2, complained while talking to this scribe.
He said as the sector is located at a fair distance from the main city, the city administrators are least bothered to cater to the basic facilities of the residents in this sector. “If they can not provide basic facilities to the old sectors, how can they facilitate the dwellers of new sectors?”, Hamza questioned.
Talking about the law and order situation, he said that car-lifting had become a normal routine in I-10 while street crimes like snatching of mobiles, and purse and hand bags from females is also on the rise. However, Sabzi Mandi Police Station was doing nothing to control this horrible ratio of crime in this sector, he added.
Tariq Mehmood, another resident of I-10, said the ICT administration had recently placed cemented blocks at the end of every street in I-10 to stop car-lifting but these blocks were creating nuisance for the residents. “Almost 6000-7000 persons use the street No.1 to go to main market (I-10) Markaz and they have to cross over the blocks due to less space left for the passersby”, he added.
He said the CDA had started widening the road of main I-10 Markaz few months ago, but now they had left it half-done.
“In Rajput market, the CDA has spent a lot on the construction of a complex but due to lack of proper care the ground has become grassless and a room inside the ground is also a shambles”, he added. Talking about the obstacles put up in other areas of I-10/2 and I-10 Markaz, Mrs Shafqat, resident of I-10/2, said the dwellers of Rajput Market, Al-Qamar Market, and Hussain Market had to take alternative routes by feet to get to I-10 main market. “Blocking the streets is a good step to control vehicle-lifting but some space should also be spared for female passersby,” she demanded.
The residents of Sector I-10 are also facing acute shortage of water due to power outages in the metropolis which has increased tankers’ demand up to 800 from 200 per day.
Shafqat, another resident of the sector, said I had to go to a water tanker office in I-9 the whole summer but I failed top get a single drop of water. “I repeatedly complained on phone but the officials concerned did not address the issue of water scarcity. Finally, I have planned to dig into a ground at my home to get rid of this daily tension,” she added.
“We are already suffering from loadshedding and low gas pressure at our homes and the situation has gone worse due to shortage of water,” said Nudrat Aftab, another resident of same locality. She said the coordination between CDA and IESCO should be ensured to mitigate the sufferings of residents.
Encroachments at I-10 Markaz market is another grave issue of this sector. Be it a market, residential area or road, no place in is free from encroachments which is creating nuisance for pedestrians and motorists besides security threats and environmental pollution.
Aftab, living in the same area, said the main shopping centre of this sector was full of encroachments where shopkeepers, fruit and juice sellers, hotels’ owners and some traders had set up illegal stalls.
The residents also complained about the air pollution as this sector is surrounded by industries causing innumerable health problems.
“It is in the air that CDA has planned to shift industries of I-10 to some other areas outside the city, but so far nothing has happened in this regard,” said another resident.
The people of I-10 also grumbled about the lack of educational institutions in particular for females who have no college in I-10 sector. “There is no public sector hospital in I-10 sector and we are forced to visit private clinics spending a lot on health,” said a woman. She demanded that a community centre and library should also be established in the sector. The residents also strongly protested against supply of toxic water owing to negligence of the authorities concerned. The filtration plant located in I-10/1 and I-10/3 has turned into a breeding place for mosquitoes,” they complained.
They said the water tank and the machinery had grown rustic which were polluting the water.
This scribe repeatedly contacted Sabzi Mandi Police Station SHO Malik Abid Ikram but his cell was on busy mode.
Talking to Pakistan Today, CDA spokesperson, Ramzan Sajid said the issue of this sector was raised during the last meeting of CDA Chairman Engineer Farkhand Iqbal with CDA board members and PM’s Adviser for CDA Fasial Sakhi Butt. “Now the focus of development has been sifted to I and G sectors. During the meeting, the issues of encroachments and development projects were also discussed,” Sajid said.
“The problems of plantation, sanitation, and encroachments in the sector will be solved in few weeks time,” the spokesman ensured, adding the construction work of main road of I-10 Markaz will also be resumed in few weeks.