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Taliban strongly rebuff Mullah Omer’s letter to white house

Taliban On Saturday strongly rebuffed that their chief Mullah Omer has written any letter to White House demanding immediate shifting of five former Taliban officials out of Guantanamo Bay military prison.
In a message received here, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that linking letter to Mullah Omer is blame and “we strongly reject it”.
“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not begging from someone, rather we believe that with the help of Allah we would prevail against the enemy,” he added, saying that such rumors are continuation of the enemy’s attempt to create confusion and concerns.
It is useless to expect that Afghans would bow before any force of the enemy. All know that Mullah Omer would never bow and such rumors can only cause rejoice to US officials and nothing else, he said. Mujahid said that such tactics never worked in the last 10 years.
Foreign media reported, that amid peace bid, white house received purported letter from the Taliban chief. “As we have engaged various interlocutors as part of the reconciliation process, we have received a variety of messages that were represented as being from senior members of Taliban, however, we haven’t received a letter that we are certain is from Mulah Omer ” an administration official was quoted as saying by the media reports.
The message reportedly expressed the impatience over white house delay in shifting the prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay prison. Taliban kicked off talks with US in Qatar just a week before the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan was held in Germany last year.
Taliban were initially avoiding giving comments on the talks but later on they accepted that they were holding talks for opening their political office in Qatar and their demand for releasing certain prisoners. As a part of Confidence Building Measures, US was considering to shift the prisoners to Qatar that if proved successful can pave way for ultimate talks between Taliban and Karzai administration for peace in Afghanistan.

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