PTI facebook pages hacked, millions of fans lost


Millions of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s fans are lost as more than 30 facebook fan pages have been hacked today in a single go. No one has taken the responsibility for this massive hack down of PTI’s facebook fan pages.
Citing Insaf Students Federation Karachi President Arsalan Ghumman, a private TV channel reported that the official facebook pages of PTI chairman Imran Khan, Insaf Students Federation student wing, and several, more including that of Dr Alvi were hacked into and hidden from the public’s eye.
The pages were hijacked at 3 pm on Friday, he said and added that “We are in touch with the Facebook authorities to recover them.” On the other hand, Facebook is notorious for taking such cases non-seriously.
Reportedly, hacker first cracked the gmail id of Imran Ghazali, the web manager of PTI social media team, before cracking into facebook pages of the political party. It is unclear so far if pages were deleted or are kept private (hidden from public) by the hacker.


  1. obviously why american would like to see a powerful islamic country getting a good leader and in short a good governence in pakistan as its directly harms their intrests …so i dun think you can expect any help from facebook….

  2. WE ALL PTI MEMBERS ARE FULLY AWARE we will join official pages again.
    u hackers can't stop tsunami.

  3. Whoever did that is truly jealous of popularity of PTI, Wont be surprised if it N-league comes out as culprit

  4. don't take it seriously this type of hacking is took any time so don't be hyper it will resolve sooner in 72 hours as the official staff of PTI will contact to FB.
    imran khan, agar ap apne promises se mukar gaye to yad rakhna, agar ap ne ye soch kar awam ko dhoka dia k ye bewakof hen to yad rahe k jab bewakof hoshyar hote hen to chalak phir chopte parhte hen jaise k aj parvez mosharaf chop rha he. jaise panjab k governer ka hal ta, aisa apka b hoga, jaisa k altaf bhai dar k mare pakistan ane ka khawab me b ni sochta 😛


  6. KHAN JI- Just the last dance of these wounded Neros of Pakistan. This morning I was inundated with hundreds of calls for hacking of facebook of PTI fans. Those who know you and also those who only .heard about you read my article and thought I am a member of PTI. When I tell them that I have never met you and know only as much as they read and hear from the media, they do not believe me. This incidence has quadrupled PTI's popularity in the USA. Inshaalllah.

    Akhrey Shab Deed key qabil thee bismal kee tarap,
    Subah dam koi agar balay-e-bam aya too kia.———iqbal

    So full of artless jealousy is guilt,
    It spills itself in fearing to be guilt.—- shakespeare

  7. Facebook works hand in hands with CIA and all your personal data is processed in CIA data labs .. Hacking of PTI is not an accident . its all intentionally

  8. These brainless losers cannot hack and delete the pure message of CHANGE of Imran Khan from the heart and mind of people of Pakistan. In fact these evil tactics would enhance our resolve to get rid of these corrupt and status qou politicians

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