India reluctant after hammering Down Under


Chairman PCB Zara Ashraf said Friday that Indian cricket board is reluctant to play Pakistan due to their poor run against Australia and the simultaneous rise of Pakistan against England.
Talking to Pakistan Today here at the Dubai Stadium, the PCB chairman said that he believes India does not want to be at the receiving end after sudden rise of Misbah’s men.
“We have proposed series at home, which is our first priority, on neutral venue and even in India but they are reluctant to play Pakistan. We have even proposed a tri-series at a neutral venue but they are not showing interest,” he maintained.
On the motion tabled by Pakistan for the appointment of Bangladesh for vice presidency, Zaka said that India and England even proposed a chairman and president for the ICC and that amendment in the constitution is being referred to the ICC law experts and will be discussed in the next meeting.
He further stated that ICC wants cricket to return to Pakistan and has extended its complete support. But the unfortunate Sri Lanka team attack incident has left everything onto better security conditions.
“Even the Bangladesh security team is due here by February 15 to take up briefing from the Interior Ministry and Pakistan govt is ready to give what it takes to,” he added.
On new coach, he said that he has nothing against Mohsin and wants the best available chief coach for the team. “Our main target is to get to the top, win the World Cup and for that we want the best in the business and prepare the team with proper professionalism,” he maintained.


  1. Complete total rubbish! The reason India nor any other Test playing team want to play in Pakistan is the security situation. If people are willing to attack the Sri Lankan team who knows what would happen to a team who comes from India or one whose government has sent troops to Afghanistan. The Pakistan team is doing really well and I loved to see them when they last came over here (Manchester) so just get behind them and stop fixating on India!

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